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The Economic Analysis of Law 1. Claims and Projects within Economic. Economic analysis of law deploys the tools of micro-economic theory to study... 2. Doctrinal Analysis. Doctrine organizes the vast legal materials of advanced societies as well as legal education and... 3. The Nature of Law.. The field of economic analysis of law may be said to have begun with Bentham (1789, 1827, 1830), who systematically examined how actors would behave in the face of legal incentives and who evaluated outcomes with respect to a clearly stated measur

The field of economic analysis of law may be said to have begun with Bentham (1789, 1827, 1830), who systematically examined how actors would behave in the face of legal incentives and who evaluated outcomes with respect to a clearly stated measure of social welfare (utilitarianism) Economic Analysis of Law (7502): (Formerly Law 528) This course will provide a broad overview of the scholarly field known as law and economics. The focus will be on how legal rules and institutions can correct market failures. We will discuss the economic function of contracts and, when contracts fail or are not feasible, the role of legal remedies to resolve disputes. We will also discuss at some length the choice between encouraging private parties to initiate legal actions to correct. This chapter offers a synthesis of the employed law and economics methodology and provides an overview of the concepts of rationality, risk-aversion, transaction cost phenomena, and investigates the nature of economic reasoning. It also offers a brief historical narrative of the employed methodology and investigates the relationship between the positive and normative analysis. Moreover, this. This is a survey of the field of economic analysis of law, focusing on the work of economists. The survey covers the three central areas of civil law liability for accidents (tort law), property law, and contracts as well as the litigation process and public enforcement of law Therefore, the economic analysis of law in European Legal Scholarship academic book series illustrates how law and economics is developing in Europe and what opportunities and problems - both in general and in specific legal fields - are associated with this approach within the legal traditions of European countries

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Law and economics or economic analysis of law is the application of economic theory (specifically microeconomic theory) to the analysis of law that began mostly with scholars from the Chicago school of economics Richard Posner: Economic Analysis of Law. 7. Auflage. Aspen, 2007, ISBN 978--7355-6354-4. Hans-Bernd Schäfer, Claus Ott: Lehrbuch der ökonomischen Analyse des Zivilrechts. 5. Auflage. Springer, Berlin 2012, ISBN 978-3-642-29122-7. Georg Dietlein, Jan-Gero Alexander Hannemann, Arne Nordmeyer: Gerechtigkeit als Kostenfrage oder Kosten als Gerechtigkeitsfrage? Eine Einführung in die. This paper distinguishes law and economics - conceived as an equal partnership between two disciplines - and economic analysis of law, conceived as the application of economic reasoning to legal rules and institutions. I explore the difference by contrasting Robert Aumann's economic analysis of a text from the Talmud with an analysis of the same text conducted from within the framework. Notes to The Economic Analysis of Law 1. With the rise of behavioral economics, it may no longer be appropriate to place rationality at the core of economics. Rationality, however, still plays a central role in economics as behavioral economics typically considers at least some actors in a market rational Economic Analysis of Law | Posner, Richard A. | ISBN: 9780735563544 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon

Criticism of Economic Analysissummarizes the claims -- some originally developed by economists, others developed by scholars of other stripes -- that one or more of the five varieties of law and economics is defective, either on its face or as applied. The foregoing essays are peppered with brief illustrations of economic analysis. However. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Analisi economica del diritto (in inglese Economic Analysis of Law) è il termine usato abitualmente per indicare gli studi interdisciplinari di diritto e discipline economiche che hanno come oggetto di indagine l'analisi economica delle norme giuridiche sia sotto il profilo positivo che normativo In The Future of Law and Economics, Calabresi distinguishes Economic Analysis of Law and Law and Economics. Economic Analysis of Law, uses economic theory to analyze the legal world and, as a result of that examination, confirms, casts doubt upon, and often seeks reform of legal reality We analyze these three aspects and show that it leads to a certain ambiguity in terms of the distinction between 'law and economics' and the 'economic analysis of law'. View Show abstrac Their approach, which is called economic, is widely considered to be intellectually compelling and to have revolutionized thinking about the law. In this book Steven Shavell provides an in-depth analysis and synthesis of the economic approach to the building blocks of our legal system, namely, property law, tort law, contract law, and criminal law. He also examines the litigation process as well as welfare economics and morality. Aimed at a broad audience, this book requires neither a legal.

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Providing students with a solid grounding in the economic analysis of the law, this reader brings together edited versions of diverse and challenging journal articles into a unified collection. Chosen to provoke thought and discussion, these carefully streamlined articles apply economic theories to many aspects of the law, from intellectual property, corporate finance, and contracts to property rights, family law, and criminal law The Economic Analysis of Law (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2017) Economic Analysis of Law (Harvard Law School and National Bureau of Economic Research, Kaplow & Shavell, 1999) A Behavioral Approach to Law and Economics (Yale, Jolls et al., 1998) The Law and Economics of Contract Interpretation (Richard Posner, 2004 There is growing trend of the economic analysis of law and legal problems because an economic analysis is being used to choose the most effective punishment. A crime is not only a wrong against the victim, but it carries certain costs too. When a crime is committed the society suffers from the loss of certain resources, or if physical harm is inflicted, certain cost is incurred on the. Economic Analysis of Tort Law Tort Law is the name given to a body of law that creates and provides remedies for civil wrongs. Generally speaking, it defines what constitutes a legal injury and establishes the circumstances under which one person maybe held liable for another's injury. Deliberate torts causing bodily harm, property harm etc. is ruled as crimes in the court system. For example, if X throws a ball and accidentally hits another person Y in the eye. Now Y may sue.

The economic analysis of law stresses the role of law in incentive-setting and highlights the effect of legal rules on the choices of those subjected to such rules. When the legal sanction for an action increases (i.e. its price rises) people are disincentivized to engage in this activity (i.e. consume it to a lesser degree). Thus, for example, under economic analysis of law, the purpose of. cover the latest developments in the economic analysis of property, torts, contracts, legal process, and crimes. Each new edition refines the analytical core, incorporates new applications, and expands previous discussions of empirical legal studies and behavioral law and economics. We hope that you enjoy reading this book as much a the economic analysis of law expanded into the more traditional areas of the law, such as property, contracts, torts, criminal law and procedure, and constitutional law.2 This 1 1 An Introduction to Law and Economics 1 Our citation style is a variant of the legal citation style most commonly used in the United States. Here is what the citation means: the author of the article from which the. economic analysis of contract law: to provide an explanation of existing legal rules; and to provide a basis for criticizing or defending those rules.2 Finally, I want to avoid debates about what counts as economic analysis of contract law by stipulating that it did not exist before 1970. This is, of course, artificial

  1. Posner, Hayek & the Economic Analysis of Law. Iowa Law Review, Vol. 93, No. 2, pp. 559-603, February 2008. George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 07-05 . 46 Pages Posted: 15 Jan 2007 Last revised: 1 Apr 2008. See all articles by Todd J. Zywicki Todd J. Zywicki. George Mason University - Antonin Scalia Law School, Faculty; PERC - Property and Environment Research Center. Anthony B.
  2. Economic Analysis of Law: A European Perspective (Cheltenham, U.K.: Elgar 2005) Bruce Chapman Faculty of Law, University of Toronto bruce.chapman@utoronto.ca Economic analysis of law can usefully be divided into three types (Trebilcock 1997). Two of these are positive forms of analysis, and the third is normative. The positive analyses purport to use economics either to describe how things are.
  3. Economic Analysis of Law is beyond critics. It's a classic in the literature of Law and Economics, a true required reading. It combines a large perspective of subjects in Law and Economics with the right level of depth
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  5. The Center for the Economic Analysis of Law (CEAL) is a non-profit research institute that provides legal and economic analysis of public policy issues. It emphasizes the economic analysis of legal policy options and the development of alternative legal approaches that have more desirable economic consequences. CEAL undertakes these projects under contract with governments, international.

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  1. d the difference that exists between law and economics and an economic analysis of law (see Harnay and Marciano 2009; Marciano 2016; see.
  2. Economic Analysis of Law (7502): This course will provide a broad overview of the scholarly field known as law and economics. The focus will be on how legal rules and institutions can correct market failures. We will discuss the economic function of contracts and, when contracts fail or are not feasible, the role of legal remedies to resolve disputes
  3. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF LAW: SOME REALISM ABOUT NOMINALISM Arthur Allen Leff* W ITH the publication of Richard A. Posner's Economic Analysis of Law, that field of learning known as Law and Economics has reached a stage of extended explicitness that requires and permits ex-tended and explicit comment. But one of the dangers of reviewing a work mainly designed for use either as a textbook in a.
  4. The book provides a comprehensive overview of this branch of legal analysis through essays dealing with the economic analysis of various areas of the law, including constitutional law, crime, torts, personal laws and environmental laws. These essays are a detailed commentary, critically analysing the nuances of the law, supported with case laws allowing the reader a deep insight into the.
  5. of the economic analysis of law and provides a Hayekian response to . ZYWICKI_TRANSMITTED.DOC 2/27/2008 12:14 PM POSNER, HAYEK, AND THE ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF LAW 563 Posner's claim that there is no room for legal change in Hayek's legal system. II. THE NATURE OF JUDICIAL KNOWLEDGE The foundation for the disagreement between Posner and Hayek on the economic analysis of law is grounded in a.

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A comprehensive presentation of the use of economics in judicial decisions, the book is structured to provide all the foundational concepts that are important for the application of economics to the development and interpretation of statutes that emanate from economic conditions Economic Analysis of Law, Eighth Edition, written by the pioneer in law and economics analysis, Richard A. Posner, remains the classic text in its field. This lucid, comprehensive casebook covers every aspect of the economic analysis of the law, including the common law, public regulation of the market, business organizations and financial markets, the distribution of income and wealth, the. Economic Analysis of the Law Use cost-benefit analysis to resolve employment law problems. #Jathan Janove By Jathan Janove October 1, 2011: LIKE SAVE PRINT EMAIL Reuse Permissions. Members may.

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Economic Analysis of Law 49-50 (1973), discusses the economics of impossibility briefly. 83. 84 THE JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES recurrent situations in which the doctrine has been applied. Part III consid-ers the remedial consequences of application of the doctrine. Our major conclusion is that the doctrine-in its typical, not its every, application- exemplifies the implicit economic logic of the. when the firstedition of Economic Analysis of Law was copyrighted (actual book publi-cation was not until 1973), research in other areas had proceeded to the point where it was possible to conceive of the application of economics across the whole range of le-gal fields. My book was the firsteffort todo this (Gordon Tullock, however, in TheLogic ofthe Law,l had applied economics toa few fields. This chapter examines the application of an economic approach to the analysis of criminal law. It first outlines the theoretical framework supporting economic analysis in general and economic analysis of law in particular. Attention then turns to the intellectual history of the economic analysis of criminal law, with particular reference to its utilitarian roots Economic Analysis of Tort Law . DOI link for Economic Analysis of Tort Law. Economic Analysis of Tort Law book. The Negligence Determination. Economic Analysis of Tort Law . DOI link for Economic Analysis of Tort Law. Economic Analysis of Tort Law book. The Negligence Determination. By Malabika Pal. Edition 1st Edition. First Published 2019. eBook Published 20 September 2019. Pub. Location. Law and Economics has had a profound influence on modern legal analysis, with its effects being felt in legal theory, court decisions, the law school classroom, and regulatory policy. This course provides an introduction to the economic analysis of legal rules and decision making, including criminal law, torts, property, contracts, and legal procedure

Economic Analysis of Law by R. Posner (Little Brown & Co., Boston, Toronto, London, 1992), pages i-xx, 1-722, price $120.00, ISBN -316-71444-5. In 1822, Jeremy Bentham wrote that an action or law conforms with a principle of utility when the tendency it has to augment the happiness of the community is greater than any it has to diminish it.1 By 'utility', he meant any benefit, advan. What the economic analysis of law manages, though , is to see such disparate areas as contract, tort and criminal law as all based upon economic aims, therefore giving law a more coherent basis than other theories can offer. Richard Posner argues that tort cases - those involving private harm - can be seen as contractual by looking for the hypothetical terms that the parties to an accident. economic analysis were limited to wealth maximization, this would be reason alone to reject, or at least sharply limit the domain of, the economic analysis of law.7 In fact, the extension of economic analysis to fields beyond traditional markets requires economics to revise its approach to include th

An efficient law is able to facilitate people's capacity for welfare maximization in the transactions, and to promote social efficiency. This chapter will first indicate the economic reasons why people make contracts and what would happen if there were no contract law. Afterwards, the economic functions of contract law will be provided in section 2. Section 3 will further provide the economic. Economic analysis of law is an interesting and challenging attempt to employ the concepts and reasoning methods of modern economic theory so as to gain a deeper understanding of legal problems. According to Richard A. Posner it is the role of the law to encourage market competition and, where the market fails because transaction costs are too high, to simulate the result of competitive markets. Download Economic Analysis Notes, PDF, Books, Syllabus for MCOM 2021.We provide a complete economic analysis pdf. Economic Analysis study material includes economic analysis notes, economic analysis book, courses, case study, syllabus, question paper, MCQ, questions and answers and available in economic analysis pdf form. Economic Analysis subject is included in M.COM 2021 so students can able. Law and economics, or the economic analysis of law, is today one of the most influential scholarly methodologies in American legal thinking. The origins of the field can be traced back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, for example, with the writings of Bentham, but economic analysis of law gained notoriety with the articles of Nobel laureates Ronald Coase and Gary Becker, and the.

Economic analysis of law comprises three closely related enterprises: predicting what effect particular legal rules will have, explaining why particular legal rules exist, deciding what legal rules should exist. The first is the least controversial. While many people believe that the consequences of a law are not the only thing determining whether it is good or not, very few believe that. What is economic analysis of law good for? Why should people study it? VI. What is the relation between economics defined in that way and economics more narrowly defined-what you find in the typical micro text? VII. What is economic efficiency? (Posner calls it Wealth Maximization) 1/21/97: Externalities . I. Externalities: The conventional analysis; II. Externalities in the law; III. Economic Analysis of Welfare Economics, Morality and the Law. Steven Shavell. Share. Twitter LinkedIn Email. Working Paper 9700 DOI 10.3386/w9700 Issue Date May 2003. This paper contains the chapters on welfare economics, morality, and the law from a general, forthcoming book, Foundations of Economic Analysis of Law (Harvard University Press, 2003). I begin in chapter 26 with a discussion of. Richard A. Posner, Economic Analysis of Law 13-14 (4th ed. 1992) Suppose that pituitary extract is in very scarce supply relative to the demand and is therefore very expensive. A poor family has a child who will be a dwarf if he does not get some of the extract, but the family cannot afford the price and could not even if they could borrow against the child's future earnings as a person of.

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The Economic Analysis of Law merupakan salah satu model intrepretasi yang ada pada aliran Modern Interpretation of Law.Model yang lain pada aliran ini adalah Realisme Amerika dan Realisme Scandinavia. Sedangkan Critical Legal Studies merupakan salah satu model yang ada pada aliran Postmopdern Interpretation of Law.Jika ditinjau dari segi pemikirannya, kedua model tersebut yaitu The Economic. In this book Steven Shavell provides an in-depth analysis and synthesis of the economic approach to the building blocks of our legal system, namely, property law, tort law, contract law, and criminal law. He also examines the litigation process as well as welfare economics and morality. Aimed at a broad audience, this book requires neither a legal background nor technical economics or. By Richard A. Posner, Published on 03/01/98. Recommended Citation. Richard A. Posner, Values and Consequences: An Introduction to Economic Analysis of Law (Coase-Sandor Institute for Law & Economics Working Paper No. 53, 1998)

Economic analysis of European law already contributes significantly to policy-making in the EU and has become a necessary component in several areas of case law of the Union. The ELEA option adds value to the core curricula of both lawyers and economists through a deeper knowledge and understanding of the other discipline. The purpose is not to transform lawyers into economists or vice versa. We will then examine, with the support of content analysis software and manual coding, the interaction of these economic arguments in competition cases with other sorts of arguments, roughly classified as following: legal arguments (arguments linked to previous case law and/or interpretation of statutes and principally motivated by requirements of coherence in the legal reasoning), factual. Downloadable (with restrictions)! This is a survey of economic analysis of law, that is, of the emerging field under which the standard tools of microeconomics are employed to identify the effects of legal rules and their social desirability. Five basic subject areas are covered. The first is legal liability for harm. Here we discuss liability rules as incentives to reduce risk, issues of risk.

International Competition Law Series Volume 66. The Role of Economic Analysis in EU Competition Law, in its revised and updated fourth edition, explores the full spectrum of the development of European economic approach in competition law.Almost two decades after the arrival of the 'more economics based approach' to EU competition law, this economic school of thought, the European School. 4 The economic analysis of international treaty law 101 Francesco Parisi and Daniel Pi 5 Soft law 123 Andrew T. Guzman and Timothy Meyer 6 The emergence and evolution of customary international law 155 Francesco Parisi and Daniel Pi PART III ENFORCEMENT 7 Treaty enforcement 181 Paul B. Stephan 8 The interaction between domestic and international law 204 Tom Ginsburg v. vi Economic analysis of. Economic Analysis of Law. 34 likes · 1 talking about this. Law and economics or economic analysis of law is the application of economic theory (specifically microeconomic theory) to the analysis of law In 2012 Prof. Klaus Heine of Erasmus School of Law has been awarded the Jean Monnet Chair of Economic Analysis of European Law. The Jean Monnet label is recognised as a sign of excellence. It was established by the European Commission as an initiative to promote teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies in higher education institutions. On this website you.

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Strategic Economic Analysis, San Pedro, California. 512 likes. Strategic Economic Analysis is an economics consulting firm specializing in loss analysis in civil litigation Application of Economic Analysis to the Law. 179 Views Program ID: 159641-1 Category: Interview Format: Interview Location: Washington, District of Columbia, United States First Aired: Oct 16. An Economic Analysis of Choice-of-Law and Choice-of-Forum Clauses 33 Part II: Private Cooperative Arrangements and Uniform Laws 55 Jürgen Basedow Lex Mercatoria and the Private International Law of Contracts in Economic Perspective 57 Souichirou Kozuka The Economic Implications of Uniformity in Law 73 Part III: Private International Law of Contracts and Torts 85 Hans-Bernd Schäfer and Katrin. Economic Analysis of Law ECON. 209. 01. Description: This course is intended to provide an introduction to the economic analysis of law. We examine the economic rationale(s) underlying various legal doctrines of both common law and statutory law, as well as the economic consequences of different legal doctrines. Previous coursework in economics, while helpful, is not a prerequisite for the. It also briefly considers some criticisms of the economic analysis of law. Skip to search form Skip to main content > Semantic Scholar's Logo. Search. Sign In Create Free Account. You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.150860; Corpus ID: 16999472 . Economic Analysis of Law @article{Kaplow1999EconomicAO, title={Economic Analysis of Law.

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Economic analysis of law is usually divided into positive and normative. Positive analysis of law uses economic analysis to predict the effects of various legal rules, often explaining the development of laws in terms of their economic efficiency. Normative law, on the other hand, goes further and actually makes policy recommendations based on the projected economic consequences of different. Economic Analysis. The Current Guidance on Economic Analysis in SEC Rulemaking (March 16, 2012) (Guidance) was prepared by the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis and the Office of the General Counsel to provide guidance to Commission staff involved in agency rulemaking. The Chairman has directed the staff to follow the Guidance. Economic Analysis of Law (9th ed.) (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2014). cu; Reflections on Judging (Harvard University Press, 2013). cu; The Behavior of Federal Judges: a Theoretical and Empirical Study of Rational Choice (Harvard University Press, 2013) (with Lee Epstein & William M. Landes). cu; Economic Analysis of Law (8th ed.) (Aspen.

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If U.S. patent law were based on the economic theory of patents we would expect it to take into account sunk costs (more precisely, the costs that innovators face that imitators do not). Yet many thousands of patents, have been granted where the sunk costs of development are low or even nil. Such patents have become especially common since the courts expanded patent protection to software, bu In the analysis of market processes, the concept of externalities has long invoked strong public policy implications among economists regarding the role of government in addressing their alleged presence, or lack thereof. It is for this reason that analyses of externalities have preoccupied economists, at least since A.C. Pigou. The more important question, however, is [ Economic Analysis of Law. 632 Followers. Recent papers in Economic Analysis of Law. Papers; People; The Economic Analysis of Law - 2013 LL.M Theory Lecture . Save to Library. Download. by Paul A Eden • 10 . International Business, International Law, International Criminal Law, Law and Economics; Reflexões Pós-Assombro: efeitos da crise financeira sobre Richard Posner e os limites de sua.

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ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF ACCIDENT LAW Steven Shavell* Abstract Accident law is the body of legal rules governing the ability of victims of harm to sue and to collect payments from those who injured them. This paper contains the chapters on accident law from a general, forthcoming book, Foundations of Economic Analysis of Law (Harvar PhD in Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law; Home; Research; PhD; PhD programmes ; Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law . Listen. Submitting your application Enrollment Website of the PhD in Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law. Macro-area: Social and Economic Sciences. University of Turin. Via Verdi, 8 - 10124 Turin. Phone +39 011. Economic Analysis and Policy (established 1970) publishes articles from all branches of economics with a particular focus on research, theoretical and applied, which has strong policy relevance.The journal also publishes survey articles and empirical replications on key policy issues. Authors are expected to highlight the main insights in a non-technical introduction and in the conclusion Economic Analysis of Law. Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos. Learn about Okun's law, why it is important, and how it has stood the test of time. Discover Arthur Okun's findings on the relationship between economic growth and unemployment levels

economic theory of law: the theory, often associated with Karl Marx, taking the view that law is a mere embellishment upon the exploitation of the proletariat. After revolution, the last function of the law would be to eradicate capitalism. In a technical (and non-Marxist) way, R. A. Posner is associated with analysis of legal rules from the. Alcohol Excise Taxes: Current Law and Economic Analysis Congressional Research Service Summary The federal excise tax on alcoholic beverages is imposed at the manufacturer and importer level, based on the per unit production or importation of alcoholic beverages (e.g., distilled spirits, wine, and beer) for sale in the U.S. market. When. GNLU Centre for Law and Economics is organizing the 'GNLU International Conference on Economic Analysis of Law and Governance' from 18th-21st March 2021. About the Conference. The subject of 'Law & Economics' or 'Economic Analysis of Law' is concerned with this interface between the subjects of Law & Economics. It permits the greater use of economic tools and concepts to examine. But this celebrated 'Law of Market' was torn to pieces when critics proved that Say's Law was wrong and overproduction would be possible. Inductive Method of Economic Analysis. In this method, economists proceed from a practical angle to problems of science to reduce the gulf between theory and practice. Induction is done by two forms. Economic analysis of law provides an additional perspective when faced with the question of how such an indeterminacy can sensibly be solved. It seeks to quantify potential outcomes and, thereby, helps thinking clearly about the problem at hand. Often times, economic analysis will restate legal penalties and sanctions as the price people pay to engage in certain behaviour. These penalties and.

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The purpose of this project is to examine the benefits of basing economic analysis of accident law on the notion that individuals form a spontaneous order as they respond to the institution of tort law, each other, and their environment. Furthermore, I examine the efficacy of agent-based modeling as an analytical tool that exploits this realization. I discuss the theoretical implications of. An economic analysis can describe the implications of policy alternatives not just in terms of economic efficiency, but also in terms of the magnitude and distribution of an array of impacts. Economic analysis also serves as a mechanism for organizing information carefully. Thus, even when data are insufficient to support particular types of economic analysis, the conceptual scoping exercise.

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Economics plays a central role in effective merger enforcement, as it provides the conceptual framework to assess merger effects. Additionally, effective merger enforcement relies on the merger assessment being firmly rooted in evidence. Economic analysis is often key in interpreting this evidence. This article discusses the role of economists and economic analysis in merger investigations by. Economic Analysis of Law (Aspen Casebook) Get Now https://goodreadsb.blogspot.com/?book=145483388 The law recognizes that the Chavista economic model is no longer sustainable, and it reverses decades of corporate state-ownership. Beginning in 2005, Chávez launched an unprecedented campaign of expropriations and state intervention in the economy as part of his efforts to take control over the private sector Special JIEL Issue: New frontiers in empirical legal research: Text-as-data and network analysis of international economic law 1. Special JIEL Issue: New Frontiers in Empirical Legal Research: Text-as-Data and Network Analysis of International Economic Law. The Data-Driven Future of International Economic Law . Wolfgang Alschner, Joost Pauwelyn, Sergio Puig. Journal of International Economic.

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