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Docker 101 Tutorial Getting Started. Once it has started, you can open your browser to http://localhost or port 80 if running on... Development. This project has a docker-compose.yml file, which will start the mkdocs application on your local machine... Contributing. If you find typos or other. Docker 101 Tutorial. This is a realistic interactive tutorial for understanding the basics of Docker. It requires you to successfully complete each minitask, so could be used as an interviewing tool for those that claim to know Docker. It uses a complete and realistic shell to train you in. Below is a video showing what it looks like to the user The port on the left side is the port of the host system and the one on the right is the port on the container. $ docker run -v /opt/datadir:/var/lib/mysql mysql. This -v is used to map data. In simpler words, Docker is a tool that allows developers, sys-admins etc. to easily deploy their applications in a sandbox (called containers) to run on the host operating system i.e. Linux. The key benefit of Docker is that it allows users to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development Starting with the basics of Docker which focuses on the installation and configuration of Docker, it gradually moves on to advanced topics such as Networking and Registries. The last few chapters of this tutorial cover the development aspects of Docker and how you can get up and running on the development environments using Docker Containers

Docker Tutorial for absolute beginners is another text-based tutorials from Tutorials Point. It is freely available and explains all aspects of the Docker Container service. It also starts with very basic like installations and configuration of Dockers and gradually moves to advanced topics such as networking and registers Docker Tutorial für absolute Anfänger ist ein weiteres textbasiertes Tutorials von Tutorials Point. Es ist frei verfügbar und erklärt alle Aspekte des Docker Container-Dienstes. Es beginnt auch mit sehr einfachen Installationen und Konfigurationen von Dockern und geht schrittweise zu fortgeschrittenen Themen wie Netzwerken und Registern über site_name: Docker 101: site_description: A tutorial for learning to use Docker: site_author: Docker # site_url: https://squidfunk.github.io/mkdocs-material/ # Repository: repo_name: dockersamples/101-tutorial: repo_url: https://github.com/dockersamples/101-tutorial: edit_uri: # Copyright: copyright: ' Copyright © 2019 Docker ' # Configuration: theme: name: materia Docker 101: All you wanted to know about Docker. Docker For Absolute Beginners. Shashvat G. Jun 30, 2020 · 5 min read. Photo by Who's Denilo ? on Unsplash. H ave you ever been intimidated by Docker's fancy name and wondered what it is? — Great, This post is for you. In this post, we will cover what exactly this devil is and what it does. First and foremost, what is Docker? . Docker.

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Docker 101, is a new series that I am beginning to give you guys a closer look at one of the most buzzing word of the DevSecOps world. This new technology have been revolutionising the way. Try our 10 min online tutorial; Share images, automate builds, and more with a free Docker Hub account; Read the Docker 1.11 Release Notes; Subscribe to Docker Weekly; Sign up for upcoming Docker Online Meetups; Attend upcoming Docker Meetups; Watch DockerCon EU 2015 videos; Start contributing to Docker; docker, intro, intro to docker, video, webinar. Feedback. One thought on Docker 101. Docker 101 Tutorial. This tutorial has been written with the intent of helping folks get up and running with containers. While not going too much into depth, it covers the following topics: Running your first container; Building containers; Learning what containers are running and removing them; Using volumes to persist dat Docker 101: Introduction to Docker 1. Introduction to Docker 2. @botchagalupe • a.k.a. John Willis • 35 Years in IT Operations • Exxon, Canonical, Chef, Enstratius, Socketplane • Devopsdays Core Organizer 3. Agenda • Why Docker? • Docker Platform • Docker Installation • Docker Workflow(s) 4. Docker Blog 5

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  1. Welcome! We are excited that you want to learn Docker. This page contains step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Docker. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to: Build and run an image as a container; Share images using Docker Hub; Deploy Docker applications using multiple containers with a database; Running applications using Docker Compos
  2. Hands-on Docker Tutorials for Developers Don't let app complexity get in the way of opportunity Learn Docker today and join the millions of developers who use Docker Desktop and Docker Hub to simplify building and sharing world-changing app
  3. Docker 101 Tutorial. This tutorial has been written with the intent of helping folks get up and running with containers. While not going too much into depth, it covers the following topics: Running your first container. Building containers. Learning what containers are running and removing them. Using volumes to persist data

Docker has two options for containers to store files in the host machine, so that the files are persisted even after the container stops: volumes, and bind mounts. If you're running Docker on Linux you can also use a tmpfs mount. If you're running Docker on Windows you can also use a named pipe. Source: https://docs.docker.com/storage Containers are confusing. They are a buzzword that everyone is saying but no one understands. Why use them? Why are they better than virtual machines? How ar..

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Docker is all the rage right now. In 12 minutes I'll give you comprehensive introduction to docker, covering:1. What is Docker2. Virtual Machines vs. Docker3... In 12 minutes I'll give you. Docker takes care of the networking aspects so that the containers can communicate with other containers and also with the Docker Host. If you do an ifconfig on the Docker Host, you will see the Docker Ethernet adapter. This adapter is created when Docker is installed on the Docker Host Get started using Docker with this end-to-end beginners course with hands-on labs.Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and.. bash: a shell script docker: a docker image build vagrant: a vagrant setup docker_tutorial: a docker-based tutorial shutitfile: a shutitfile-based project bash # ShutIt Started.. Docker 101 Tutorials. NOTE: Docker moves fast and this tutorial is now out of date. Please reference one of my more recent Docker tutorials. These tutorials accompany a short presentation.. This repo includes a Vagrantfile and Ansible playbook which provision a docker daemon on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server to minimize time students spend configuring their environments

In this episode, we'll talk about container logs and how to forward them to a central location in two different ways.All commands and a full readme of this e.. Containers 101 Building and deploying containerize applications with Kubernetes, Docker and Helm Free tutorial Rating Free tutorial Rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5 (380 ratings) 24,782 students Created by Raziel Tabib. English English [Auto] Share. What you'll learn. Course content. Reviews . Instructors. Build and deploy applications to modern container platforms (with Kubernetes, Docker, and. Docker 101, is a new series that I am beginning, to give you guys a closer look at the most buzzing word of the DevSecOps world. This new technology have been revolutionising the way deployment. Docker 101-Part#1. To continue from where we left yesterday, which is, A comparsion of Dockers and Virtual Machines. Go through the slides which would allow you to understand Dockers from Ground Up! We are going to have this series of Docker training through our slides which would help you to understand Docker better and start your Container Journey easily. Please do share your review in the.

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Docker 101. Based on the Get-Started. It is very nice tutorial. What is Docker? Docker is a computer program to run software packages called containers. Let's say that I wrote a python program. A friend of mine want to use it, too. But I don't know whether he has python installed. I don't know which version is installed 117k members in the docker community. [Docker](http://www.docker.io) is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable $ docker network ls. This command displays the built-in networks provided by Docker and they are not removable so you can't use $ docker network rm <network> command (where network is either NETWORK ID or NAME) to remove them.. I am going to use thatisuday/express-example image we have developed in the Creating your first Docker application lesson to demonstrate some networking. Installation Instructions for Ubuntu. The simplest way to get docker, other than using the pre-built application image, is to go with a 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 VPS. Update your droplet: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get -y upgrade. Make sure aufs support is available: sudo apt-get install linux-image-extra-`uname -r` I have been collecting a lot of notes around Docker and decided that it is time that I publish a series of tutorials on Docker. True to my style, I prefer doing 101 tutorials and want as many people to get started on any technology. And this tutorial will be no exception. I plan to publish at least 10-12 parts on Docker to help you come up to speed with it. Before I start, I strongly.

Tutorial: Get started with Docker. 08/04/2020; 2 minutes to read; n; g; In this article. In this tutorial, you'll learn about creating and deploying Docker apps, including using multiple containers with a database, and using Docker Compose. You'll also deploy your containerized app to Azure. Start the tutorial . If you've already run the command to get started with the tutorial. Interactive Docker 101 Tutorial. Close. 7. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. Interactive Docker 101 Tutorial. ianmiell.github.io/docker... 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. 74% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 2 points · 4 years ago. Great idea! Keep up good work . level 2. Original Poster 1 point · 4 years.

Docker 101 $> docker run busybox echo 'Hello, World!' Hello, World! Let's unpack this simple example. First, the command is docker, and telling docker to `run` the 'busybox' image. If the image 'busybox' is not present, then docker will attempt to fetch an image named 'busybox' from the public Docker hub Docker is a powerful platform for building, managing, and running containerized applications. In this tutorial, you'll learn how you can use Docker to package and distribute your applications. We'll show you how to install the tools, download and run an off-the-shelf image, and then build images of our own Docker 101. Joseph Gefroh. Sep 25, 2017 · 7 min read. Docker is a great tool, but it's difficult to get into if you're not familiar with the deployment side of software engineering. This post should hopefully help you decipher some of it. What is Docker? Docker is a container engine — a lightweight virtual machine. You use Docker by first writing a text file with a set of instructions. This lab is meant to serve as a docker/containers 101 lab course. The objective of this lab will be to walk through a step by step exercise to help a user new to docker to get a docker image built, pushed to a registry, and deployed on a single non clustered standalone docker host. Docker Pre-Requisites. Pre-Requisites Alternative: As an alternative to installing the pre-requisites below, you.

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Das Einsteiger-Tutorial für Docker-Neulinge! In 11 Schritten mit Docker durchstarten. André Hirsinger 5 Jahren online 1 Kommentar. Webprojekte werden immer komplexer und die Halbwertszeit der Technologien, die dabei zum Einsatz kommen, immer kürzer. Im Wettbewerb um den Kunden müssen fortwährend neue Features und Updates integriert werden. Klassische Softwareentwicklungsprozesse und. We'll explore how to use the docker command later in this tutorial. Step 2 — Executing the Docker Command Without Sudo (Optional) By default, the docker command can only be run the root user or by a user in the docker group, which is automatically created during Docker's installation process. If you attempt to run the docker command without prefixing it with sudo or without being in the. Docker.com; Docker 101; Newsletters; Close. Overview. An open-source containerization platform to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Docker is an open-source containerization platform you use to build, ship, and run distributed applications, on laptops, data center VMs, or the cloud. Get Docker. Trending; Latest; Upcoming Events Deploying Applications on Red Hat OpenShift 101. San. Der Docker Composite 1.17 wurde auf Ubuntu 18.04 installiert. Schritt 3 - Erstellen eines benutzerdefinierten Docker-Netzwerks. In diesem Tutorial wird der Traefik-Container im Docker Custom Network ausgeführt. Daher müssen wir ein neues benutzerdefiniertes Docker-Netzwerk auf dem Server erstellen Containerize your PHP application (Docker 101) Containerize your Laravel application (Docker 102) Container Orchestration (Docker 103) Let's begin! What is docker? Before explaining what docker is, we need to step back for a second and define what an operating system is. An Operating System consists of 2 different parts, the deeper one, that is responsible for making the software interact with.

Docker Build Security 101. Start your journey of building secure docker images. This course introduces students to the security concepts associated with Docker builds. Docker is a popular software and it is widely used in Information Technology Industry. It's popularity also brings a larger attack surface and thus it is important to. Docker does not apply memory limitations to containers by default. The Host's Kernel Scheduler determines the capacity provided to the Docker memory. This means that in theory, it is possible for a Docker container to consume the entire host's memory. One way to control the memory used by Docker is by setting the runtime configuration flags of the 'docker run command'. There are. Tutorial: PostgreSQL Usage and Examples with Docker. So I'm a loyal acolyte in the church of docker. I also have this little schoolgirl crush on PostgreSQL. Here's how you can combine both into a crime-fighting dream team. The Long, Instructive Way Just the basics: Spin up a container, install a text editor and snapshot an image: sudo docker run -i -t ubuntu:precise /bin/bash Inside the.

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  1. Docker 101 - 10 Day Hackathon Get in Depth / Hands-ON understanding of Docker engine & implementation in 10 days. ONE STOP for all Docker basics. Rating: 4.3 out of 5 4.3 (501 ratings) 2,830 students Created by Mohd Junaid (Jay) Last updated 10/2017 English English [Auto] Add to cart. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Share. What you'll learn. Understand the basics of how docker/containers work.
  2. In this tutorial, we use Docker Toolbox. 2. Create a Dockerfile. Now you need to open the Spring Boot application either in Spring Toolsuite or IntelliJ (STS is used here). Run the application and test it to make sure it works well! Step 1: Create a file in your spring boot project directory(in sts). Name it Dokerfile. Step 2: Copy the code below and paste in this file and save it. FROM.
  3. Finally, a Docker tutorial that dives deep. Learn how to use Docker in development, testing, and production. Purchase the Course $139.00. Wondering what this course is about? See more information here! Available Now . Get immediate access to the following: 17 modules with 106 videos to stream or download; Learn the basics of Docker, including containers, networking, volume sharing.
  4. In this tutorial, I walk through the steps needed to define and deploy a simple multi-container web service app. While Docker Compose is normally used for development and testing, it can also be.
  5. Docker Tutorial Free. Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. Docker enables you to separate your applications from your infrastructure so you can deliver software quickly. With Docker, you can manage your infrastructure in the same ways you manage your applications
  6. In diesem Tutorial zeige ich Ihnen Schritt für Schritt, wie Sie ein Docker-Image für ein bestehendes Django-Anwendungsprojekt in Ubuntu 16.04 erstellen. Wir lernen, wie man eine Python-Django-Anwendung andockt und dann die Anwendung mit Hilfe eines Andock-Skripts als Container in der Andock-Umgebung einsetzt
  7. Nextcloud mit Docker und Docker-Compose installiert. Posted on 4. März 2018. 25. Oktober 2018. Nachdem ich zunehmend den Eindruck habe, dass der Owncloud-Fork Nextcloud 1. aktiver und 2. mehr auf Sicherheit bedacht ist als der Vorgänger Owncloud, habe ich mir Nextcloud mit Docker installiert. Das ging ziemlich einfach und strightforward

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  1. container, and a MySQL/MariaDB container. Prerequisites. Ubuntu server 16.04 -64bi
  2. Codefresh has now added support for Docker Buildkit. If you don't know what Buildkit is, and you'd like to learn more, read on! Otherwise, you can skip to the example. What is Buildkit? Buildkit is a feature offered in Docker since version 18.06. Essentially, it swaps out the traditional image builder with a new builder
  3. Docker Tutorial [Teil 10 - Best Practices] Datum 20.06.2019 Container automatisch neu starten. Wenn man einen docker Container regulär z.B. per docker container run -d --name mein_nginx nginx startet, dann startet der Container,.

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Docker 101: Fundamentals & The Dockerfile. Paige Niedringhaus. Follow. Jun 23, 2018 · 11 min read. You, like me, may have heard of Docker before. You may have co-workers or developer friends who rave about it, who dockerize everything they can, and who are at an utter loss for words when it comes to explaining Docker, and all its glory, in terms that are understandable to the average. Introduction to Docker Docker 101. Posted on April 9, 2021 May 3, 2021 by tiagoneves. What is Docker? Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. Docker enables you to separate your applications from your infrastructure so you can deliver software quickly. With Docker, you can manage your infrastructure in the same ways you manage your applications. By taking advantage of Docker. Docker Tutorial. Learn Docker with Hands On Coding Exercises. For beginners in DevOps. Beginner 0 (0 Ratings) 4 Students enrolled . Created by Ulearn Academy Last updated Thu, 02-Jul-2020 English. What will i learn? Beginner level introduction to Docker; Build Docker images using Dockerfiles with Hands-On Exercises ; Understand what Docker Compose is; Curriculum for this course. 17 Lessons 03.


31 thoughts on Docker Networking 101 - The defaults Ethan Banks January 20, 2015 at 1:22 pm. Fascinating read. I haven't made my way towards Docker yet, but had heard that Docker networking was a different animal. I'm going to have to study Docker use-cases further, because as it stands, it doesn't seem intended to be a platform for delivering services to consumers outside of. Docker Hub: Docker users also benefit from the increasingly rich ecosystem of Docker Hub, which you can think of as an app store for Docker images. Docker Hub has tens of thousands of public images created by the community that are readily available for use. It's incredibly easy to search for images that meet your needs, ready to pull down and use with little-to-no modification. 4. Docker looked for a local copy of the hello-world image. Since it wasn't present, it went to Docker Hub and downloaded the latest image. Once the image was completely downloaded, it ran hello-world in a container. Spring Boot application. To keep the tutorial focused on Docker, we'll use an existing project, which is explained in this. CLI-Befehle für den Schwarmmodus 101 Examples 102 Erstellen Sie einen Schwarm unter Linux mit Docker-Machine und VirtualBox 102 Finde heraus, wie Arbeiter und Manager Token beitreten 102 Hallo Weltanwendung 103 Verfügbarkeit der Knoten 104 Schwarmknoten fördern oder herabstufen 104 Den Schwarm verlassen 105 Kapitel 23: Einrichten eines Drei-Knoten-Mongo-Replikats mit Docker Image und. docker pull learn/tutorial docker run learn/tutorial apt-get install -y ping docker ps -l docker commit <id from previous step> learn/ping docker run learn/ping ping google.com Dockerfile Instead of running commands and saving, can create a Dockerfile that specifies all the commands to build an image

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Docker. It's a glimpse into the future of our industry. It's also a bunch of text files and a load of long-winded and awkward syntax. I like Docker. I think you will like Docker, too. In this Docker Tutorial For Beginners, I will show you how I work with Docker. I will show you the short cuts I use, and how you can use mine, and make your own Containers 101 Lab. For more information on Docker, visit docker.com. Description: This lab is meant to serve as a docker/containers 101 lab course. The objective of this lab will be to walk through a step by step exercise to help a user new to docker to get a docker image built, pushed to a registry, and deployed on a single non clustered standalone docker host. Pre-Requisites: Pre-Requisites. # docker # devops # beginners # tutorial Techworld with Nana Oct 22, 2020 ・ Updated on Nov 13, 2020 ・2 min read By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of the concepts and a great overall big picture of how Docker is used in the whole software development process Docker tutorial for beginners : Part 1. หลายคนคงเคยได้ยินคำว่า Containers ที่เป็นเครื่องมือสำหรับการบรรจุ จัดส่ง และ Deploy Application กันมาบ้าง ซึ่งถ้าคุณเป็น Software. Docker and Docker Compose. According to the Hyperledger Fabric smart contract tutorial, you'll have to install all of the following software to operate or develop in Hyperledger Fabric - For Windows 10, *nix, or macOS, you'll need Docker version 17.06.2-ce or more than that. For older versions of Windows, you'll need to install Docker Toolbox again and Docker version 17.06.2-ce or more.

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  1. After this very short introduction on Docker, I'll be focusing this tutorial on Docker on Embedded Systems. I'll take the Raspberry Pi B+ and the Beagleboard X15 as example systems, and I will show you, that if you use Docker on these systems, you'll lose very little performance but you win portability, scalability and security. You will also find information about latency using Docker.
  2. g. The best thing about using Docker image to set up a Solidity environment is the simplicity of steps. The first step involves the application of command for pulling a Docker.
  3. This set of labs covers the foundations of Docker and running containers within your system.. Learn Learn Docker Swarm 101, Launch Private Docker Registry, Deploying Weave Net For Multi-host Networking, Deploying Weave Scope for Container Visualisation, Store Secrets using Hashicorp Vault, Read Vault Secrets from Containers, Start Docker Containers on Boot with Systemd, via free hands on training
  4. Follow me on Twitter, happy to take your suggestions on topics or improvements /Chris. This article is part of a series: Docker — from the beginning part I, we are here. Docker — from the beginning, Part II, this is about Volumes and how we can use volumes to persist data but also how we can turn our development environment into a Volume and make our development experience considerably bette

NGSI-LD Step-by-Step. This is a collection of NGSI-LD tutorials for the FIWARE system. Each tutorial consists of a series of exercises to demonstrate the correct use of individual FIWARE components and shows the flow of context data within a simple Smart Solution either by connecting to a series of dummy IoT devices or manipulating the context directly or programmatically In this blog tutorial, let's instrument your Java SE code with Prometheus using Micrometer. Continue reading The Insides of Kubernetes and how it actually works. Posted on September 06, 2019 in tutorial, blog, information • 5 min read In this article, you'll learn about the REST objects in kubernetes (pods, replication controller, deployments, service) Continue reading Build AWS CodePipeline. Integration-Testing mit Docker und Testcontainers. Sparen Sie mit unserem Mengenrabatt bis zu 15 %. *zzgl. MwSt. In diesem Tutorial erklärt Kevin Wittek, wie sich mit Hilfe von Testcontainers Integrationstests für verschiedene Persistenztechnologien (RDBMS, NoSQL) schreiben, Datenbankmigrationen testen und die Integration mit externen REST. Docker Command เบื้องต้น 101. Nattawut Ruangvivattanaroj . Follow. Nov 18, 2016 · 2 min read. หลังจากได้ใช้งาน docker มาประมาณสี่เดือน ได้รวบรวมคำสั่งพื้นฐานที่ใช้งานบ่อยๆ ไว้ เลยอยากแชร์เก็บไว้.

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Prerequisites. Docker and docker-compose supporting Docker Compose file version 3.For installation instructions see Install Compose.. Get the example code. The example code is part of the grpc-web repo.. Download the repo as a zip file and unzip it, or clone the repo Docker-Tools im Vergleich. Anbieter von virtuellen Servern bieten ihre Maschinen mittlerweile stunden- oder gar minutenweise zur Miete an. Dank Microservices unterteilen Entwickler ihre Systeme zudem in immer feingranularere Einheiten: Was einst die Aufgabe eines Servers war, erfolgt nun auf einem Dutzend kleiner Minimaschinen Installing Docker CE. This is one of the optional section if you already feel comfortable manipulating Docker. On this section, we will work on a clientside, either on your laptop or any instance. We will be using Ubuntu 17.10. First of all, we have to install Docker CE following the installation guide

Docker includes swarm mode for natively managing a cluster of Docker Engines called a swarm. You can use the Docker CLI to create a swarm, deploy application services to a swarm, and manage swarm behavior. This tutorial uses Docker Machine to create multiple nodes on your desktop. If you prefer you can create those nodes in your own cloud or on. Containers 101: Linux containers and Docker explained. SPONSORED BY Advertiser Name Here Sponsored item title goes here as designed. Docker tutorial: Get started with Docker . First look: Docker. Docker 101: The Basics I. How To Install Docker on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS II. How To List and Attach to Docker Containers III. How to Commit Changes and Create Docker Images IV. How to View Logs for a Docker Container Introduction Docker is a container-based software framework for automating deployment of applications. Containers are encapsulated,.. Step 4 - Installing Gremlin in a Docker container. After you have created your Gremlin account ( sign up here) you will need to find your Gremlin Daemon credentials. Login to the Gremlin App using your Company name and sign-on credentials. These were emailed to you when you signed up to start using Gremlin Self Hosted Docker Registry - You can setup docker registry within your organization that will host your own docker images. This tutorial explains how to setup a a secure self-hosted docker registry. 1. Setup TLS Certificate and Key . Copy your existing crt and key file to ~/docker-certs directory # mkdir /root/docker-certs # cd /root/docker-certs # ls -1 thegeekstuff.crt thegeekstuff.key.

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  1. Follow the below commands to set up Apache Cassandra on Docker Container. Step 1: Pull Cassandra Docker Image. sudo docker pull cassandra:latest. Step 2: Run Cassandra Docker Image as Docker Container. sudo docker run -d --name cassandra-node -p 9042:9042 cassandra. Step 3: Login to cassandra-node (Docker Container) on bash mode
  2. Docker Enterprise; In this tutorial we will go over steps on installing Docker Community Edition. 1.1) Login to your Linux host. I'm using Digital Ocean droplet as my linux host. 1. 2. 3. bash-3.2 $ ssh root @ root @ ' s password: Welcome to Ubuntu 19.04 (GNU / Linux 5..-13-generic x86_64) 1.2) Check Linux OS Architecture: You need 64-bit architecture. 1. 2. 3. root.
  3. If you're reading this post, you may have decided to containerize your applications. That's great! The next step is to decide which container orchestration platform is best for you: Kubernetes or Docker Swarm. In this post, you'll learn the key differences between Kubernetes and Docker Swarm, as well as the pros and cons of both approaches
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  5. Orientation and setup Docker Documentatio
windows - Docker error from CMD command prompt: SomethingDocker open stackGitlab + jenkins + docker builds an automated deployment
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