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What is import.meta.url? It's a proposal to add the ability for ES modules to figure out what their file name or full path is. This behaves similarly to __dirname in Node which prints out the file path to the current module. According to caniuse, most browsers already support it (including the latest Chromium Edge) In my code I changed all import.meta.url with import_meta_url And I add the plugin to babel config to change it by import.meta.url in development and production and by resolve(__dirname, 'workers') I was able to do so because it matched all my cases, if your import_meta_url needs to be replaced with different stings in different scenarios you would need to use import_meta_url_1 import_meta_url_2 etc. for instanc import.meta.url must always refer to the current module, so it is incorrect to have it refer to the bundle. Incorrect. The spec literally states that import.meta.url is the module script's base URL and clearly defines the base URL as the URL from which the script was obtained. That means if you have a transcoded representation of a module woven into a bundle, then the bundle URL is where the script was obtained.. We added a line to demonstrate that import.meta exists in Node.js 10, and that it includes a field named url containing the file: URL corresponding to the currently executing file. Then with a little bit of work we can implement __dirname with this addition to test.mjs

import.meta. This repository contains a proposal for adding an import.meta metaproperty to JavaScript, for holding host-specific metadata about the current module. It is currently in stage 4 of the TC39 process. Previously this problem space was discussed with the module-loading community in whatwg/html#1013 import.meta is a stage 3 proposal currently. ESLint only supports stage 4 proposals. For everything else, you can use babel-eslint async function main() { const TEMPLATE_URL = new URL ('../template.txt', import.meta.url); // (A) const response = await fetch (TEMPLATE_URL); const TEMPLATE_TEXT = await response.text (); ··· } main (); Note the metaproperty import.meta.url (line A), which contains the URL of the current module Looking at your notebook now, I guess it might be related to the the FileAttachment and import.meta.url, specially if you're using create-react-app which uses webpack. One quick hack is to edit the downloaded notebook, if you've followed the instructions you did yarn add https://api.observablehq.com/d/84fe095e25ec38a2.tgz?v=3 then you'll have your notebook at node_modules/84fe095e25ec38a2/84fe095e25ec38a2@3060.js edit an What's left is just import.meta.url, but the problem is what to compare with to know if it is the main script. In addition, according to this, module.parent in a cjs script will be undefined if the parent is a mjs script. After some testing, require.main and process.mainModule are both undefined too in this context

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import.meta.url # <string> The absolute file: URL of the module. This is defined exactly the same as it is in browsers providing the URL of the current module file. This enables useful patterns such as relative file loading: import { readFileSync } from 'fs'; const buffer = readFileSync(new URL('./data.proto', import.meta.url)) A common pattern is to import an asset to get the URL of it after bundling: import myImg from './assets/my-img.png'; This doesn't work in the browser without transformation. This plugin makes it possible to use an identical pattern using import.meta.url which does work in the browser: const myImg = new URL ('./assets/my-img.png', import. meta.

The ImportMeta Interface The type of import.meta is the global ImportMeta type which is defined in lib.es5.d.ts: interface ImportMeta { } This interface is extremely limited. Adding well-known properties for Node or browsers requires interface merging and possibly a global augmentation depending on the context. For example, one might want to say that __dirname is always available on import.meta: // node.d.ts interface ImportMeta { __dirname: string; } Any user of the above .d.ts. 27.13.2 import.meta.url and class URL. Class URL is available via a global variable in browsers and on Node.js. You can look up its full functionality in the Node.js documentation. When working with import.meta.url, its constructor is especially useful: new URL (input: string, base?: string | URL) Parameter input contains the URL to be parsed. It can be relative if the second parameter, base. new Worker(new URL('./worker.js', import.meta.url)); The syntax was chosen to allow running code without bundler, it is also available in native ECMAScript modules in the browser

Import meta data. The import. meta object provides metadata for the current module. The JavaScript engine creates it, and its current available property is url.This property's value is the URL from which the module was loaded, including any query parameter or hash Support for assets using new URL(file.png, import.meta.url) Support for web workers using new Worker(new URL(worker.js, import.meta.url)) Support for exports/imports field in package.json; In upcoming releases we'll gradually roll out webpack 5 to applications that are compatible with webpack 5: In the next minor version we'll automatically opt-in applications without custom webpack. const pkg = JSON. parse (fs. readFileSync (new URL ('package.json', import. meta. url), 'utf8')); The second most commonly-encountered issue is having a Svelte component that imports a CommonJS library. In this case, you should try to work with the library authors to distribute an ESM version of the dependency. However, in the meantime, you can workaround this issue by adding the dependency to. import.meta.url DOES NOT WORK IN TYPESCRIPT. May 22, 2021 angular, import, javascript, typescript. i'm trying to use the import.meta.url in angular11 but it does not work. I've been searching and it says its not supported, this is the code: const fileAttachments = new Map ( [ [miserables.json,new URL (./files.

There are chances that you don't know what the publicPath will be in advance, and webpack can handle it automatically for you by determining the public path from variables like import.meta.url, document.currentScript, script.src or self.location. What you need is to set output.publicPath to 'auto': webpack.config.j Die Funktion Statt Canonical URLs direkt per HTTP 301 auf die aktuellste URL leiten (4) ermöglicht es, bei geänderten URLs eine HTTP-301-Weiterleitung auszugeben. Ist die Funktion deaktiviert, wird im Browser kein Hinweis zu der Weiterleitung ausgegeben. SEO-Index neu aufbauen. Nachdem Du Änderungen am SEO-Template vorgenommen hast, ist es erforderlich, den Index neu aufzubauen, damit die. Asset Modules is a type of module that allows one to use asset files (fonts, icons, etc) without configuring additional loaders. Prior to webpack 5 it was common to use: raw-loader to import a file as a string. url-loader to inline a file into the bundle as a data URI. file-loader to emit a file into the output directory

The documentation also states that you can use createRequire to load JSON files. This is the way Pawel advises in his blog post. createRequire allows you to construct a CommonJS require function so that you can use typical CommonJS features in Node.js EcmaScript modules.. import {createRequire } from module; const require = createRequire (import. meta. url); const data = require (./data.json) import.meta.url DOES NOT WORK IN TYPESCRIPT. May 22, 2021 angular, import, javascript, typescript. i'm trying to use the import.meta.url in angular11 but it does not work. I've been searching and it says its not supported, this is the code: const fileAttachments = new Map ( [ [miserables.json,new URL (./files. Because in Server-Side Rendering, import.meta.url is a file: protocol URL, if the base option in vite config does not include protocol and origin, the href is usually not you want. So we just use the imported file path import.meta.url allows easy resolution of resources relative to the module file. Without the URL available, resources can only be loaded relative to the current document. This is generally not useful for library authors, who bundle their resources with their modules which could be located anywhere relative to the current document. Risks Interoperability and Compatibility. This feature has no.

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NEVER: do something like const env = import.meta.env in a component as now anyone can access all the values attached to env. NEVER: access your private environment variables in Svelte components or routes (e.g. DON'T do this in a component: console.log(import.meta.env.VITE_DATABASE_URL)). Vite statically replaces any use of an environment variable so import.meta.env.VITE_FOO will. Cybernetically enhanced web apps. <script> console.log(import.meta.url); </script> <p> the URL is {import.meta.url} </p> import.meta.url provides the absolute URL of the current ES module file. Files and the package.json type field. Add type: module to the package.json for your project, and Node.js will treat all .js files in your project as ES modules. If some of your project's files use CommonJS and you can't convert your entire project all at once, you can either rename those files to. This is similar to a URL, but is not a URL. The package name does not have a scheme (such as https://) and cannot have a port number. Scan the response for the go-import meta tag. Fetch the repository indicated by the meta tag using the indicated VCS. If the {vcs} field is mod, the URL should be treated as a module proxy instead of a VCS. If the module is being fetched directly and not as.

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Sheets Formulas for Marketers. 1) Import a Sitemap. 2) Import meta title from URL. 3) Import meta description from URL. 4) Extract root domain from URL. 5) Extract protocol + root domain from URL. 6) Extract path from URL. 7) Extract the first URL from a paragraph of text. 8) Extract email from a paragraph In this step by step Angular 12 SEO tutorial, we are going to learn how to make Angular app SEO friendly by adding the page titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and other SEO attributes in an Angular Universal Server-side rendering app. In the previous tutorial, we saw how to create an Angular Universal app from scratch [ Support for import.meta. TypeScript 2.9 introduces support for import.meta, a new meta-property as described by the current TC39 proposal.. The type of import.meta is the global ImportMeta type which is defined in lib.es5.d.ts.This interface is extremely limited. Adding well-known properties for Node or browsers requires interface merging and possibly a global augmentation depending on the.

This would set the page title to A test title. This title can be changed as often as needed. Here is a demo with two buttons that change the page title on click: And here is the corresponding Typescript code: export class AppComponent {. constructor (private titleService: Title) {. this.setTitle (A test title) SNOWPACK_PUBLIC_API_URL = api.google.com snowpack dev Option 2: Config file. New in v3.1.0 Pass environment variables as an object to the env property. Note that these environment variables do not need to use the SNOWPACK_PUBLIC_ prefix and anything set here will be available on __SNOWPACK_ENV__ (see below). // snowpack.config.mjs export default {env: {API_URL: 'api.google.com',},}; In prior.

Click the URL to view the new SharePoint list. Click OK to exit the export wizard. Example exported list shown below: Lists - Import Spreadsheet to SharePoint (Power user) SharePoint supports the importing of Tables from spreadsheets to new SharePoint lists. From Site contents: Click New and click List In this tutorial, we learn how to add Dynamic Meta Tags in Angular. First, we will define the Meta Tags in the Angular Routes. Then use the Meta Service and NavigationEnd router event to listen to the route change. When the route changes, we will update the Meta Tags. Applies to: Angular 2 to the latest edition of i.e. Angular 8 File Attachments. Files, IRL. Photo: EduVolunteer/Wikimedia The quickest way to work with small-ish datasets in a notebook is to attach a file. Files in Observable can be used for a variety of purposes besides data too, such as videos or images (like the one above!)...

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Command-line interfaces (CLIs) built in Node.js allow you to automate repetitive tasks while leveraging the vast Node.js ecosystem. And thanks to package managers like npm and yarn, these can be easily distributed and consumed across multiple platforms. In this post we'll look at why you might want to write a CLI, how to use Node.js for it, some useful packages and how you can distribute your. Snowpack uses Rollup internally to install your packages. This rollup config option gives you deeper control over the internal Rollup configuration that we use. packageOptions.rollup.plugins | RollupPlugin [] - Provide an array of custom Rollup plugins that will run on every installed package It's entirely possible, especially for SPAs, that the URL that a user ends up on and the URL that represents that page on the server might be slightly different, or that someone might access www.my-site.com instead of my-site.com or vice-versa

I recently migrated some Vue2 projects from vue-cli / webpack to vitejs. After doing that for the third time, I started to have some exhaustive notes about the process, which I'd like to recap i Export URL; Export title; Export SEO title; Export meta description; Export readability score; Import the CSV into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and start working! Export your keyphrases and start auditing your content Import and export redirects. A big time-saver if you're working a lot with redirects: importing and exporting of redirects. Yoast SEO Premium users can import redirects in. Some Remote Import Paths may use go-import meta tags on the remote repository response body to declare the location of a remote VCS root to follow. By default, this behavior is enabled, and Artifactory will follow these tags to download remote modules. To disable this uncheck the Follow 'go-import' Meta Tags checkbox And that's where import.meta.url comes in! Monkey Patching setTimeout to Override a Specific Callback. September 22, 2019. A few years ago, one of my teammates once asked how they could get our app's auth token renewal timeout to fire early for a particular automated UI test they were writing. The token renewal check was every 20 minutes or so and there's no way we would want the UI test to.

TypeScript 3.6 Release Notes. For more details on the change, see the pull request here. More Accurate Array Spread. In pre-ES2015 targets, the most faithful emit for constructs like for/of loops and array spreads can be a bit heavy. For this reason, TypeScript uses a simpler emit by default that only supports array types, and supports iterating on other types using the --downlevelIteration flag ng generate web-worker <location>. You can add a web worker anywhere in your application. For example, to add a web worker to the root component, src/app/app.component.ts, run the following command. content_copy. ng generate web-worker app. The command performs the following actions. Configures your project to use web workers, if it isn't already Column Header Reference. Note: This is a Developer level doc. If you are unfamiliar with code/templates and resolving potential conflicts, select a WooExpert or Developer for assistance. We are unable to provide support for customizations under our Support Policy. Here is an extensive list of column headers you can use in your CSV for all.

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Description. Clean and easy-to-use import and export users and customer plugin, for WordPress and WooCommerce. It includes custom user meta to be included automatically from a CSV file and delimitation auto-detector. It also is able to send a mail to each user imported and all the meta data imported is ready to edit into user profile The new ECMAScript module support in Node.js 12. Node.js 12 (which was released on 2019-04-23) brings improved support for ECMAScript modules. It implements phase 2 of the plan that was released late last year. For now, this support is available behind the usual flag --experimental-modules. Read on to find out how exactly this new support for. Fix : Sharp URL suffix are detected as 404 by the redirect manager; Fix : Phone numbers with '+' are detected as 404 by the redirect manager; Fix : German characters are broken in the link manager ; 3.2.2. Fix : Image information edition with a quote becomes empty; Fix : Meta edition character count does not refresh using AJAX; 3.2.1. Add : Compatibility with WP Speed of Light plugin. It can be used in conjunction with file-loader and url-loader for showing a placeholder while the actual image is being loaded. lqip-loader implements a similar idea. Instead of tracing, it provides a blurred image instead of a traced one. Referencing to images # Webpack can pick up images from style sheets through @import and url() assuming css-loader has been configured. You can also refer.

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OPTIONS # OPTIONS <file> Path to file or files to be imported. Supports the glob(3) capabilities of the current shell. If file is recognized as a URL (for example, with a scheme of http or ftp), the file will b Today we're happy to announce the availability of TypeScript 3.6! For those unfamiliar, TypeScript is a language that builds on JavaScript by adding optional static types. These types can be checked by the TypeScript compiler to catch common errors in your programs (like misspelling properties and calling functions the wrong way) Babel 7.14.0. blog post. Enable the Class Fields , Private Methods and Static Class Features Stage 4 proposals by default. Add the Private Brand Checks and Static Class Blocks proposals to @babel/preset-env 's shippedProposals. class A { static { initialize (A); } // static block #field; is (obj) { return #field in obj; // private brand check } Plus, it will import Meta from plugins like WooCommerce or you can create your own custom info. You'll also be able to assign each user a specific role and choose whether or not to send an email to new users. Customizer Export/Import . Recreating the exact theme settings in the WordPress Customizer can be extremely tedious - especially when you're using a theme that has lots of options. The audit tests show us a number of areas for improvement. We will solve them to improve the results obtained. Add 2 robots.txt and sitemap.xml files; Edit the angular.json file; Add meta tags for SEO; Edit the home.component.ts fil

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importupload rights are required in order to upload an xml file, while import rights are required for interwiki imports. If you get a Missing boundary in multipart/form-data POST data error, it is because you sent it url-encoded but claimed it would be multipart/form-data. MediaWiki is looking for a boundary in the header but cannot find it If you finished the first part of this series, then you may already have a lot of ideas for your own Django applications. At some point, you might decide to extend them with user accounts. In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn how to work with Django user management and add it to your program

Since JBoss AS 7, Class loading is considerably different to previous versions of JBoss AS. Class loading is based on the MODULES project. Instead of the more familiar hierarchical class loading environment, WildFly's class loading is based on modules that have to define explicit dependencies on other modules Fixed: URL to static assets like JS and CSS files was incorrect when NextGen Gallery was a symlink; V3.2.2 - 05.09.2019. Changed: Updated video Links; Changed: Branding updates in Readme.txt file ; V3.2.1 - 05.08.2019. Fixed: Missing settings after Reset with NextGEN Plus; Fixed: Small styling issues with WordPress 5.2; V3.2.0 - 05.07.2019. NEW: Branding update; NEW: API methods for. Learn how to start a new Vue project, fetch data from an API using axios, and handle responses and manipulate data using components and computed properties Because in Server-Side Rendering, import.meta.url is a file: protocol URL, if the base option in vite config does not include protocol and origin, the href is usually not you want. So we just use the imported file path. But there is a small problem, the file path will not always be a Full URL, it depends on the base option

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Formula =ImportXML(http://codingisforlosers.com/, /html/head/meta[name='description']/content) Output Access a library of spreadsheet dashboard and automation. import.meta and import.meta.url. Dynamic import() shimming when necessary in eg older Firefox versions. In addition a custom fetch hook can be implemented allowing for streaming in-browser transform workflows to support custom module types. Because we are still using the native module loader the edge cases work out comprehensively, including: Live bindings in ES modules; Dynamic import.

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  1. import. meta.env.BASE_URL: {string} the base url the app is being served from. In your app, you can render the title using import. meta.env.VITE_APP_TITLE. However, it is important to understand that mode is a wider concept than just development vs. production. A typical example is you may want to have a staging mode where it should have production-like behavior, but with slightly.
  2. go-import meta tags I'm trying to set up the ability to get our company code which is stored on git but use my company name (example.com) instead of github.com I have been using these as guides
  3. WP Meta SEO is using the full power of the new Search Console with sitemaps menagement, URL coverage and keyword suggestions. Google Analytics. Import data from Google Analytics and add it to SEO reports you can get in your inbox or get send to your clients. Developer Friendly. We like to help experienced developers to plug our plugin into other services or plugins using Hooks & Filters. Check.
  4. This module provides the infrastructure for defining abstract base classes (ABCs) in Python, as outlined in PEP 3119; see the PEP for why this was added to Python.(See also PEP 3141 and the numbers module regarding a type hierarchy for numbers based on ABCs.). The collections module has some concrete classes that derive from ABCs; these can, of course, be further derived
  5. Table of Contents. Introduction; 1 Scope 2 Conformance 2.1 Example Clause Heading; 3 Normative References 4 Overview 4.1 Web Scripting; 4.2 Hosts and Implementations 4.3 ECMAScript Overview 4.3.1 Objects; 4.3.2 The Strict Variant of ECMAScript 4.4 Terms and Definitions 4.4.1 implementation-approximated; 4.4.2 implementation-defined; 4.4.3 host-defined; 4.4.4 type; 4.4.5 primitive valu
  6. You can also import meta-data like data from WooCommerce customers; You can assign roles while importing; Send a mail to every new user, this mails can be saved as templates and are fully customizable, before sending you can test it ; Use your own ; You can also update users if the user is already in your WordPress; Create a cron task to import users periodically; Edit the metadata (you will.

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  1. CSV Import Suite can only import meta that is unserialized, unless otherwise stated. However, later versions of Product CSV Import Suite do export serialized add-on data in JSON format. This allows edits/re-imports but is not user friendly and should only be attempted by users who know how to work with JSON. As add-on data is meta data, for it to be exported, the Include hidden meta data.
  2. Now that we know how a Tensorflow model looks like, let's learn how to save the model. 2. Saving a Tensorflow model: Let's say, you are training a convolutional neural network for image classification.As a standard practice, you keep a watch on loss and accuracy numbers
  3. Node.js 16.2.0 added module support for URL to import.meta.resolve. The text and layout rendering package pango updated to version 1.48.5 and can speed up Emoji classification. The pango update also fixed some hangs and a memory leak. The 21.1.1 Mesa update in the snapshot provided mostly AMD and Intel changes, but had a decent amount of arm fixes. Other packages to update in the snapshot were.
  4. import url from './example.png' let image = new Image image.src = url document.body.appendChild(image) The data URL includes a best guess at the MIME type based on the file extension and/or the file contents, and will look something like this:  Note that this loader is not enabled by default. You will need to.

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  1. JS-imported asset URLs, CSS url() references, and asset references in your .html files are all automatically adjusted to respect this option during build. The exception is when you need to dynamically concatenate URLs on the fly. In this case, you can use the globally injected import. meta.env.BASE_URL variable which will be the public base path. Note this variable is statically replaced.
  2. import.meta.url makes it possible to load an image relative to the current module instead. function loadThumbnail ( relativePath ) { const url = new URL ( relativePath , import . meta . url )
  3. Import a page from another wiki, or from an XML file. Note that the HTTP POST must be done as a file upload (i.e. using multipart/form-data) when sending a file for the xml parameter
  4. From 2006-2016, Google Code Project Hosting offered a free collaborative development environment for open source projects. Projects hosted on Google Code remain available in the Google Code Archive
  5. new URL (./file_2.txt, import. meta. url), write : false , Granular access permissions receive both absolute and relative routes as arguments, however take into account that relative routes will be resolved relative to the file the worker is instantiated in, not the path the worker file is currently i
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In this article, I'm going to show you how you can create a Next.js (with TypeScript) project with Storybook and Tailwind. I will give you a quick overview of the tools and then we will jump. Home. Ant Movie Catalog is a free (really free, i.e. the source code is available) program made to manage your collection of movies on DVD, CD (VideoCD, DivX,) and tapes. The project was started by Antoine Potten in 2000, and improved by Mickaël Vanneufville since 2011. Browse the links above this text to get more information and download the program Name of file, specified as a character vector or string scalar. If you do not specify filename, the load function searches for a file named matlab.mat.. If filename has no extension (that is, no text after a period), load looks for a file named filename.mat.If filename has an extension other than .mat, the load function treats the file as ASCII data vue3 在vite.config中无法使用import.meta.env.*的解决办法 . There's a chicken-egg problem here: Vite expects to resolve .env files from project root, but project root can be made different by the config file. So if we resolve .env before resolving the config file, we can only resolve it from CWD, which would then break the case where the user puts .env files in a nested root specified. Fetch the file (by downloading it from a URL or loading it from the file system) Parse the file into a module record; Finding the file and fetching it. The loader will take care of finding the file and downloading it. First it needs to find the entry point file. In HTML, you tell the loader where to find it by using a script tag

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  1. g language of the web and is used by more software developers today than any other program
  2. Fixed: Logs were not displayed if the URL is wrong in the WordPress general settings; 3.59.0. New: Download the media even if they are redirected; Fixed: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Fixed: Copying to clipboard wasn't working if something was already selected; 3.58.0. New: Add the max_allowed_packet in the Debug Info tab; 3.57.0. New: Add an help tab; New: Add a debug.
  3. Vuze Meta-Search Introduction I have seen questions in various places around the web regarding the Meta-Search function of Vuze. I put up this guide in an effort to explain the basics of this option and answer those questions. Vuze is one of the suggested clients at my Best Free Bittorrent Client review here at Gizmo's Freeware. If you do not have Vuze, you can get it from the Vuze Home Page.
  4. A rocket fast, lightweight, static site generator Install npm i @sphido/core @sphido/frontmatter @sphido/markdown @sphido/meta fs-extra globby Warning: Sphido.
  5. g supported. Inspired by react-helmet
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CXF provides several custom annotations that can be used to configure and customize the CXF runtime. org.apache.cxf.feature.Features. The @Features annotation is used to add Features.See the FeaturesList for the list of Features we provide out of the box, but you can easily create your own. In many cases, however, those features have Annotations themselves which can be used and provide.

FD51890 - Technical Tip: URL filter type 'Simple' does not perform exact match in flow-based inspection policies FD51964 - Technical Tip: Global setting 'honor-df' explained FD51963 - Technical Tip: How to change the certificate from 'read-only' certificate inspection profile FD30481 - Technical Tip: Rename or disable an admin accoun 要改为 new Worker(new URL('./app.worker', import.meta.url),)。参见 PR#20466 。 Webpack 5 now includes web worker support. However, the structure of the URL within the worker constructor must be in a specific format that differs from the current requirement Hi @sindresorhus,. Thought I'd comment on this with my experience so far. We're using crypto-random-string, which moved to pure ESM in v4, in a web server project built with typescript and making use of ts-node and ts-node-dev.As per your suggestion, I tried updating my project to ESM but this does not seem possible at the moment SAP HANA - Quick Guide - SAP HANA is a combination of HANA Database, Data Modeling, HANA Administration and Data Provisioning in one single suite. In SAP HANA, HANA stands for High-Per Ability to drag a URL from another app and drop it into Chrome's omnibox or the tab strip, or from Chrome's content area to another app on iOS 11 iPads; The Payment Request API has been introduced ; Android version: Download files faster with accelerated downloads; View and copy passwords saved with Chrome if device lock is enabled; Quickly see your data savings in the Chrome menu when Data.

2.1.2 Resources. The specification uses the term supported when referring to whether a user agent has an implementation capable of decoding the semantics of an external resource. A format or type is said to be supported if the implementation can process an external resource of that format or type without critical aspects of the resource being ignored Enter a unique screen name for Adobe Community forums, or continue with the one we've generated. (You can change this later in your profile. 但是 import.meta.env 在 vite.config.ts 配置文件中使用不了 . 这里先在 vite.config.ts 中拿到环境变量参数. 修改 .env.development 文件: VITE_PORT = 60001 VITE_USE_MOCK = true VITE_GLOB_APP_TITLE = Vue3-ElementPlus-Vite2 VITE_GLOB_API_URL = /basic-api VITE_PUBLIC_PATH = / VITE_BUILD_COMPRESS = 'none' VITE_BUILD_COMPRESS_DELETE_ORIGIN_FILE = false 复制代码.env.

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