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What are the fees to use Bitwage? USDC: 2% + $15 fee per USDC payment (flat fee does not apply to Premium Users). DAI: 2% + $5 fee per DAI payment (flat fee does not apply to Premium Users). cUSD: 2% and no flat fee Neither party pays service fees: Retail Exchange Rate is 50.21 PHP/USD: Receive 50,210.00 PH Neither party pays serivce fees: Retail Exchange Rate is 51.23 PHP/USD: Receive 51,229.61 PH

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Here you'll fill in how much you expect to get through Bitwage. In this case $175 out of a net $1967.33 salary. We recommend doing set amounts rather than a percentage of salary for simplicity's sake. If your salary varies and you do want to do a percentage, just estimate the amount and confirm the amount wit Employees receive their payments within 48 hours. Bitwage charges them $10 for incoming wires and no fees for incoming ACH credit. Pros. Free payroll funding options; Quick transfers; Cons. No support for fiat currency payments; Limited support documentation; Who it's for. Companies that want to offer their employees the option to get paid with cryptocurrenc If most of your remote workers prefer cryptocurrency for payments, then Bitwage is your best option. Moreover, it is ideal for those who send out mass payments as long as the entire team is located within the US or countries that the service supports. For every payment via ACH debit, you will be charged 0.5%

Here is where I would add the new address that Bitwage gave me. The one thing to make sure you do is allocate things correctly. I still want 97% of my paycheck to go into my bank account as normal. Therefore I only want to allocate 3% to be sent the the Bitwage address. From there Bitwage will convert the funds into whatever asset is selected Announced Wednesday, company clients can now sign up to the Bitwage platform in order to pay their workers using the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin, which is linked to the price of the U.S. dollar. Bitwage charges 1.5% fee per trade, 1% loading fee and 5bps per month. The loading fee & 5bps are waived until 2022 for customers who start before 2021. Additional fees from the bitcoin custodian and 401k administrator will be based on the type of 401k plan being administered and the amount of assets under management Fee Structures. Per the Bitwage website: There are no fees for our base products. Nevertheless, you're still going to pay the currency, crypto or precious metals spread when you receive your payment. For example, if your employer pays you 1,000 USD and you elect to receive the payment in Bitcoin (XBP), you'll be charged a commission of 2.50% above the mid-market rate (MMR) for the coin. Neither party pays service fees. Bitwage Exchange Rate is: 0.00 PHP/USD. Receive 0.00 PHP . Faster Payments. Unlike traditional methods, Bitwage offers Same to Next Day international payments with no limits. Transparent . Sender and Receiver can track where the money is at all times using a tracking code. Reduce support costs. Lower Costs. The average cost of sending payments across borders is.

Bitwage offers a ton of flexibility both for employees receiving business payments from outside employers through the platform and employers on the Bitwage platform funding payrolls. These are funding options for workers invoicing employers on Bitwage and the funding options for Bitwage employers to pay workers. Companies on the Bitwage platform can also fund with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and Ether), but payments will be denominated in one of the below currencies Reduced fees from SegWit implementation will allow us to offer users a better value for our services. After SegWit became available on the Bitcoin Network on August 27th of 2017, Bitwage offered an immediate way to take advantage: by allowing users to add P2SH-P2WPKH wrappers (short for Pay to Script Hash - Pay to Witness Public Key Hash). This worked great as an interim solution, but we are glad to now be offering full support Additionally, Bitwage may seek to cap the fees for users of its individual payroll service, although he stressed that any plans for the monetization of the offering are in their early stages

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Bitwage may be exactly what you're looking for. Employers can receive a portion of their paycheck in digital assets, which makes Bitwage a great option for remote workers. Check out our Bitwage review for more informaiton. BTC. $36,520.30-5.56% ETH. $2,614.80-7.49% USDT. $1.00-0.06% BNB. $371.25-9.92% ADA. $1.64 -8.31%. Bitwage. Bitwage is a full-service payroll and invoicing platform that also offers Bitcoin 401(k). Setup for employers is as simple as signing up and funding their account through ACH credit, ACH debit, SEPA, credit card, or digital assets. They then invite their workers to the platform, and their employees can set their desired payout preferences. The payout can be either a direct deposit or. Bitwage does not charge any fees like the 1% fee Coinbase charges. Some have said their exchange rate is higher because of this, but at the moment the buy price on Coinbase is $709.50 not including their fees and the exchange rate on Bitwage is also $709.50. Coinbase also takes about 4-5 business days to deliver your BTC. The only downside is that you might be a victim of high volatility. Whilst traditional services would charge huge fees to transfer funds between the US and the Philippines, Bitwage harnesses the power of Bitcoin to bring it at 0 cost (while the service is in the. As of Monday, July 3, Bitwage, If you are paying a lot of workers, it is about saving money on wire fees and not being limited on the amount you can send, said Chester. Systems that save.

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These payroll card fees include withdrawal fees, balance inquiry fees, transfer fees, purchase fees, paper statement fees, and card replacement fees (as well as inactivity fees of $7.00). Payroll cards and other alternatives, such as check-cashing services, and money orders, cost $800-$900 on average a year out of an average of a $22,000 yearly budget. So how do the underbanked avoid the. Then, Bitwage sends bitcoin to users the day after the deposit. Employees and employers can use Bitwage to reduce costs, increase transparency, and boost the speed of international wage payments. Originally launched as a payment platform, today the Bitwage website also features a jobs platform where professionals and freelancers can find jobs worldwide

BitWage: Payment Facilitation Tool, Enabled by Blockchain BitWage transfers are instant between clients and employees, no matter where they are — with no fees or limitations in sight. As more of us begin to engage with businesses in new ways while we're tasked with working from home, BitWage stands as an excellent application for receiving your payments for various work — whether you. Bitwage, digital wage payment solution provider, has launched the Bitwage API with a specific focus on easing burdens associated with international wage payment. Historically, sending wages to workers and contractors across international borders came with high fees and delayed payments. The Bitwage API was created to integrate with company systems and workflows and leverages the low fees and. Users thereby authorize Bitwage to initiate debit entries from their bank accounts so that it may convert a certain specified amount of their paycheck into bitcoin. What users are doing is setting the percentage of what they want to be in one bank account versus the other, said Chester. They can say they want 10% or 50% of their paycheck in bitcoin, and then pick their wallet of. Payment processors like PayPal can take from five to eight business days to transfer funds with substantial hidden fees in the exchange rate up to eight percent, Bitwage does this in two to three. Bitwage gives the worker unique distribution preferences for each Internal Employer. Once Bitwage receives the funds from the Employer, the received total is sent to a single distribution or split between 2 distributions in any integer percentage. For each distribution users can choose one of 3 distribution types

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Bitwage und Uphold kombinieren, um in Dash bezahlt zu werden. Laut Meek muss jemand, der sein Gehalt in Dash ausbezahlt bekommen möchte, folgende Schritte beachten: Dies sind die Schritte: 1. Einen Bitwage Account erstellen. 2. Einen Uphold Account erstellen Bitwage profile. Similar Companies to Bitwage. Export. Coinbase. Private Company . Founded 2012. USA. Coinbase makes it easy for the average person and business to use the digital currency Bitcoin. Coinbase, Inc. provides Coinbase, a digital wallet and payment solution for people to pay and receive payments. It offers its solution for Bitcoin, which is a decentralized and digital currency. The.

Through our Bitwage Invoicing solution, we have changed this paradigm, allowing workers to free their wages by giving them the ability to choose how they would like to receive their wages. Whether they want to receive faster, cheaper international wage payments or if they would like to receive part of their wages in alternative forms of value, such as gold, silver or other digital assets. SOURCE: Bitwage. Facilitating international wage payments is quite painful. Bank wires and traditional financial technologies are slow and costly. For instance, when sending wage payments to the Philippines through an international wire, it can take 5 days to arrive. In addition to this, you can often lose over 10% in fees and bad exchange rates

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  1. Bitwage, the crypto payroll today announced the implementation and direct support for Segregated Witness (SegWit) addresses for bitcoin payroll outputs Benefits, of course, will see reduced fees from SegWit implementation and allow the company to offer users a better value for services
  2. ating $25-45 service fees
  3. Bitwage, leading international wages and payroll platform has been using Bitcoin to enable freelancers, contractors, employees to receive their funds in Bitcoin with ease, through their various local currency outputs or cloud savings which comes with a Visa debit card.. The cloud saving solutions provided by Bitwage allows anyone in the world to receive wages in Bitcoin, without complicating.

Bitwage Releases Bitcoin Payroll for the Individual, BP(i) and Enters Beta. Ways to spend Bitcoin have been growing rapidly since 2013 (Overstock, Gyft, TigerDirect, Expedia and soon PayPal, etc). However, ways of getting Bitcoins have not been growing as quickly, creating a downward pressure on the price of Bitcoin at the online exchanges and littl He switched to global payments leader Bitwage in February after months of self-executing his bitcoin trades with Binance. Achara, 23, is one of the [] / share. #News / share. Published on May 10, 2021 . Ifunanyachi Achara, 23, A fifth-year forward for Toronto FC, takes around fifty percent of his Major League Soccer (MLS) salary in bitcoin by syncing his accounts with a third-party exchange.

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  1. Over the past few months, bitcoin startups including Bitwage, Coins.ph and Bitspark have been providing various bitcoin services to assist expat worker
  2. Bitwage M.E. will cost $9.99 monthly, Chester told BNC. During his speech, Chester also informed conference audience that Bitwage is launching a new set of fees. While the service was previously.
  3. Bitwage then exchanges the fiat in that account and deposits Bitcoin in the address(es) that you provide them. It usually only take about an extra day and a half to two days to do this, and the.
  4. Cryptocurrency payroll service Bitwage has announced the launch of a Bitcoin 401 (k) plan, allowing companies to give their employees a BTC-based retirement plan
  5. Bitwage plans to launch a new set of fees with the launch of M.E. The local currency outputs will have a 1% fee, which compares favorably to top exchange rates, saving users up to 5% or more while providing funds as fast as the next day. Also read: Bitcoin payments service opens shop in Brazil Service Adds Currencies, Markets . Bitwage has also launched its service to the U.S., India.
  6. Getting paid in Bitcoin on traditional freelancer sites with Bitwage. Traditional freelancing platforms, unlike their crypto counterparts, are not niche and have a huge amount of job listings and opportunities. The only disadvantages are that they don't pay in Bitcoin, and that there is a lot more competition for the jobs that are posted, as there are a lot more freelancers submitting.
  7. Chester said that, before announcing its U.K. launch, several U.K. companies had approached Bitwage, hoping to use their service to pay workers in the Philippines. They wanted a way to save money on wire fees, save their workers money on exchange rates and remove limits on the amount of money that can be sent. 2. Optionality Is a Powerful.

Welcome read article Reddit, Go here fees cost 2. Bitwage direct deposit, our partner Bitwage direct deposit Holdings, Ltd. Coinsbank cards are not available in the U. I'll have to check it out: Available only in 45 states around the US, Coinbase is limited to certain countries as well. You will receive an email providing check this out with more details on this soon. You can check out the fee. Bitwage rolled out its own payroll services, known as Bitwage Payroll, earlier this year. Its tool allows employees to choose which currency they want to receive — gold, silver, bitcoin or. Bitwage. 5 Applications for Blockchain in Your Business. May 12, 2021 by Blockchain Consultants. Cryptocurrency has been through a roller coaster ride, i.e., with ups and downs ever since Bitcoin was introduced. And since the introduction of Bitcoin, it is always referred to as something that is specially meant for black market activity and endless possibilities of something wicked in the. Bitwage advertises zero fees, but offers a slightly lower exchange rate. By leveraging the blockchain, we have typically seen transfer speeds into local brazilian bank accounts next day with.

Uphold Inc., the digital money platform, today announced employers and workers worldwide can send and receive Dash payments via its platform. Uphold is simplifying the payroll process for cryptocurrencies by bringing together the service features of Bitwage, an international payroll processing service, and Dash, the top digital currency for payments Bitwage are proud to announce three new releases for their Bitcoin payment services. 1) Bitwage Releases The Bitwage API. The first is the release is their API.With this API, companies can now integrate the full range of Bitwage solutions, enabling companies to offer their customers more value added services BraveNewCoin: Bitwage reports dramatic growth, while expanding services bravenewcoin ( 69 ) in #bravenewcoin • 5 years ago Founded in 2013, bitcoin payroll and international wage payment service, Bitwage , offers fast and low-cost payroll services, distributed in fiat currencies and bitcoin Bitwage Wins French Tech Ticket. FinTech StartUps , IT Innovations. 15.12.2016 10:00 am. Bitwage, a Silicon Valley start-up launched in May of 2014, announced that the company has won a French Tech Ticket competition . The company will be further granted with €57,000 from BPI France, a large public investment bank owned by French government

Unocoin, India's leading bitcoin company, today announced the launch of a partnership with Bitwage, a blockchain-powered platform revolutionizing international payroll. Bitwage, named one of the top 21 blockchain companies in 2016, is the world's most efficient solution for international trade processing needs, cutting transaction costs and time with blockchain technology Average cost of sending payments through correspondent banking takes 5 to 15 days with fees about 8% on average (world bank statistic). By leveraging blockchain technology, we bring these fees down to 1% and as fast as next day into people's local bank accounts. This is done without requiring clients or employers to sign up. This is important because a contractor is not going to convince a. Bitwage has announced the launch of what's reportedly the world's first Bitcoin 401(k) plan, enabling companies to give employees th

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English Русский 简体中文 Türkçe Português Español Magyar Français Ελληνικά Melayu Deutsch 日本語 한국어 Polski 繁體中文 Dansk. Bitwage, a payroll and international wage payments solutions company has been using cryptocurrency to pay salaries since 2013 as well. Several other examples may be found here. Why do it? Paying salaries in cryptocurrency provides a host of benefits. Foremost, it ensures that you save on fees of transfer and conversion. Regular fees such as transfer fees or overdraft fees are replaced with a. Part 1 - Create an account with Bitwage. Bitwage is easy to use, but we're going to give you a run-through. Step 1: Click here to go to Bitwage Step 2: Click Signup Step 3: Enter your personal info and click Submit Step 6: You will receive a call or sms with a confirmation code. Write it in the field shown and click Submit Step 7: Confirm your account by clicking the link.

Bitwage is the perfect candidate for a crypto such as Bitcoin SV (BSV). BSV offers extremely low fees, large scaling capabilities, a growing network of retail partners and maturity as a digital currency that make it the most useful and versatile option among the world's crypto offerings Ethereum's EIP-1559 'Doesn't Deliver' As It's 'Not Meant to Reduce Fees' Bitcoin Struggles While Ethereum and Altcoins Show Bullish Signs; El Salvador, Paraguay Bitcoin Adoption News Galvanizes Crypto World; China Blocks Crypto-Related Social Media Accounts as Part of Crackdown; New Crypto Tax Law Will Be Adopted in Autumn Says Russian Policy Chief; Home/Altcoin News/Bitcoin Cash. Bitwage allows companies to offer Bitcoin benefits to employees and freelancers without any fees. Employees and freelancers can receive any percentage of their wage in Bitcoin without their. Bitcoin cash, as a consistent top four digital asset, offering low fees and fast transactions, was a natural choice to add. Bitwage is making it easier for workers around the world to accumulate their favorite cryptocurrency, through passive dollar-cost-averaging. Bitwage Is Used by Workers at Facebook, Google and Uber. Bitwage has been providing direct bitcoin deposits since 2014.

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Additional fees · Annual Card Account Maintenance: Free - Payoneer's regular $ fee is waived for Airbnb customers · Purchase Transaction: Free, except. They charge outrageous fees on transactions from 10-%. Just make sure you are aware that Payoneer has an annual service fee of $30, also make sure. The fees and exchange rates charged by Payoneer vary depending on whether you' BitWage is a company based in San Francisco that wants to promote the adaptation of Bitcoin and Co. by rewarding them with cryptocurrencies. Skip to Content. News; FAQs . What are bitcoins? What is IOTA? What is Ethereum? What is Stellar Lumens? Current courses; What is Ripple? Instructions. Tax tool; Buy bitcoins; Transfer Bitcoins; How To: Buy Ethereum, IOTA & Co. Coinbase: save fees. Bitwage and Consultabit launched the bitcoin dollar cost average Saudi Arabia recently paid around $50 million of extra fees to banks on the record-breaking listing of state oil company Aramco. Bitwage allows salary conversion to Bitcoin and more. A key company from the glory days of the Bitcoin revolution, Bitwage is a payroll company that, among other things, allows employees to take their salary in Bitcoin, even if their employer possessed no cryptocurrency. Bitwage has, however, not given any indication of a willingness to accept Dash or other cryptocurrencies at this time.

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Users of the tested cards have previously reported issues that they had with delivery timing, unexpected fees, logging into accounts and even loss of funds. Xapo currently does not issue cards to the US or India. However, according to BitWage, the cards still can be used anywhere in the world including the US Bitwage says that it allows employers or employees to pay/get paid in bitcoin without having the other party sign up. The solution is touted as most useful for international payments, which are typically complicated by currency exchange fees and lengthy turnover times Bitwage expands services to the Philippines by Mellisa Tolentino. SHARE. For offshore workers, getting paid can be a real pain in the ass. The problem is that third-party payment services, not to. Bitwage generally offers two kinds of services, which are direct deposits and team wages. The direct deposits are a part of the employee's salaries which are paid automatically with crypto using the price of USD as a basis. Team wages are for paying large groups of people. While the basic service has no fees, the most advanced package, the premium version, costs $15.99 USD monthly. Clients can.

US, EU and UK Companies Can Now Pay Workers in Bitcoin Cash via Bitwage. 2019.10.31 12:33. Getting at least partially paid with cryptocurrency is a great way to enter the digital asset market without having to do any trading. If you are looking to earn your favorite crypto asset, Bitwage now allows American, European and British companies to pay workers in bitcoin cash following demand for. Bitwage, 3260 19th St, 94110, San Francisco, USA, listed in the Financial Planning & Management category and has 5 reviews. It's rating is 3.4 out of 5 - Average Nov 25, 2018 - How to pay remote team members or employees can make a big difference in fees, timing, and ease of use. Here's a comparison chart of the top choices Crypto payroll solutions like BitPay or BitWage do exist and many companies are happy with their services. However, both of these options are custodial — meaning they take custody of your funds and function similar to a traditional payroll. This eliminates many of the benefits of using blockchain technology for payments. For crypto-forward companies and decentralized entities, that might not. Together with Unocoin, Bitwage is giving foreign employees in India an unprecedented arbitrage opportunity, so they can take home far more money from the same paycheck than ever before. In order to use Bitwage's services in conjunction with Unocoin, users (contractors, employees, and businesses) can sign up on Bitwage platform and select INR as their preferred currency

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About I am co-founder & CEO of Bitwage, the most popular blockchain payroll, hr & invoicing platform. Bitwage is a top 7 blockchain company in the US and top 21 in the world Payroll FinTechs: Financial Wellness for Employees. FinTechs, in their quest to go after underserved segments, are going after a significant niche customer base: The Salaried Employees. . Salaried employees, especially the ones with poor credit history and in need of quick-cash have relied upon the payday lenders for decades Bitwage has launched a new bitcoin-based payroll product that allows American companies to pay employees outside the US in their local currency. The company's first partnership as part of its international push is with bitcoin exchange Coins.ph, and allows firms to quickly and cheaply pay workers in the Philippines - even if they don't have a bank account. Jonathan Chester, CEO of. Bitwage CEO Jonathan Chester. Chester says Bitwage will initially limit the number of clients that can sign up. Once these accounts are created, your 401k plan is ready to go and can be funded on your next pay period and with rollovers/transfer from old retirement accounts, including IRAs, 401k, 403b, pension plans, and more, Chester says. -In 2014, the IRS classified Bitcoin and other. Bitwage Releases Bitcoin Payroll for the Individual, BP(i) and Enters Beta.!! Ways to spend Bitcoin have been growing rapidly since 2013 (Overstock, Gyft, TigerDirect, Expedia and soon PayPal, etc). However, ways of getting Bitcoins have not been growing as quickly, creating a downward pressure on the price of Bitcoin at the online exchanges and little demand for said merchants. There is quite.

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Uphold Partners Bitwage to Enable Ether Payroll ArRahbari. 9:47 AM BitWage, Blockchain, Crypto Currency, ETHEREUM, Services, BitWage, Blockchain, Crypto Currency. April 13, 2016 - Receiving wage payments should be easy, and we at Bitwage think living in this new digital world-in which earning a wage is an integral part—everything should be a fast, transparent, seamless, and secure experience. That's why we have been continuously working to make Bitwage more accessible to all o View 75_-_Jonathan_Chester_of_BitWage.pdf from PRO 232 at Wilmington University. 1) Can you explain the role of BitWage in the bitcoin field? If you take a look at the financial loop, many users (o Bitwage is now operating in India offering to improve international wage distribution with cryptocurrency. Now millions of workers from India will be able to get their wages paid in bitcoin and INR. On December 21 Bitwage announced a strategic partnership with the Indian bitcoin-based firm Unocoin. By utilizing Unocoin's recently released API, the Bitwage platform i Bitwage is a blockchain-powered international wage payment solution that is faster & cheaper than traditional payments without requiring the payer to sign up. Find investment information and connect with Bitwage, a San Francisco, CA, US based Software startup

What is rather intriguing is how existing Bitwage users can leverage their previous payment history as a reputation score Bitwage is now operating in India offering to improve international wage distribution with cryptocurrency. Now millions of workers from India will be able to get their wages paid in bitcoin and INR. Bitwage Now Available for Indian Workers. On December 21 Bitwage announced a strategic partnership with the Indian bitcoin-based firm Unocoin. By utilizing Unocoin's recently released API, the. There will be no fees to hold Ether or send the cryptocurrency to anyone with an email or an Uphold account, up to $1,000 every month. Beyond the first $1,000 in exchange every month, a 0.95% fee is applied to all exchanges. As things stand, Uphold is the only platform that enables the free convertibility of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Don't Miss: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Community Fractured by. Bitwage. Bitcoin Bitwage Cryptocurrency IMF Nigeria Toronto FC Toronto FC Striker Footballer Earns Half Of His Wage in Bitcoin. May 4, 2021 admin. Nigerian skilled footballer who performs for Main League Soccer (MLS) staff Toronto FC Ifunanyachi Achara has joined a rising variety Recent Posts. Legacy banks ought to study staking and DeFi or threat extinction. Bitwage has announced the launch of what's reportedly the world's first Bitcoin 401(k) plan, enabling companies to give employees th

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Fintech Bitcoin payroll startup Bitwage Ltd. has raised $750,000 in a seed round that included Orange Silicon Valley, Draper Associates, Cloud Money Ventures, Bitcoin Capital, Saeed Amidi and BnkToTh Bitwage is making international payroll better and easier. Companies using Bitwage reduce payroll costs, increase transfer speeds, and have access to unique payroll tools that cannot be offered through traditional means. The average cost of paying employees overseas is 8% from flat fees and exchange rates, 3-5 business days and the stress of.

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By simplifying the payroll process via our partner Bitwage, we continue to innovate and support the expansion of the growing demand for digital currencies. We are proud to provide our members with new payroll solutions and opportunities to manage their money without the delays and fees associated with the legacy payroll processes Bitwage is a US based company founded in 2014. Bitwage is working in space. Bitwage is an automated international bitcoin payroll platform. Read mor Professional Soccer Player Ifunanyachi Achara Partners With Crypto Startup Bitwage to be Paid in BitcoinKwasi Amaning Asare. Ifunanyachi Achara, 23, A fifth-year forward for Toronto FC, takes around fifty percent of his Major League Soccer (MLS) salary in bitcoin by syncing his accounts with a third-party exchange service. He switched to global payments leader Bitwage in February after months.

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