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DUBAI (CNNMoney) -- A juicy burger has sold at a charity auction in Dubai for $10,000. Asma Al Fahim, founder of Dubai lifestyle magazine Villa 88, phoned in the winning bid Someone in Dubai decided to pay 10,000 US dollars for this super burger. Someone in Dubai decided to pay 10,000 US dollars for this super burger. The burger was prepared as part of a breast cancer charity event, where three other dishes also on auction raked in a total of 30,000 US dollars. The colossal burger contains seven beef patties, representing each of the seven United Arab Emirates. The burger was prepared as part of a b... How much are you willing to pay for a burger? Someone in Dubai decided to pay 10,000 US dollars for this super burger A juicy burger has sold at a charity auction in Dubai... for $10,000. Asma Al Fahim, founder of Dubai lifestyle magazine Villa 88, phoned in the winning bid. The giant burger contained seven beef..

Burger sells for $10,000 in Dubai - ABC7 Chicag

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development of the United Arab Emirates, recently sold four of his signature burgers for charity, one of which was sold for a whopping $10,000 World's most expensive burger sells for $10,000 in DubaiWelcome Black Cat NewsSubscribe To Channel(https://goo.gl/GKE0Ho)*****BlackCatNews****Black Cat News. Watch World's most expensive burger sells for $10,000 at Dubai charity auction - nameyedaw on Dailymotio The most expensive juicy burger in the world has sold at a charity auction in Dubai for $10,000. The giant burger contained seven beef patties; one for each of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates, aged cheddar cheese and veal bacon strips in a saffron brioche bun. It was prepared by Russell Impiazzi, culinary director at Le Gourmet in Dubai's Galeries Lafayette, and a member of Qatar's.

A charity auction in Dubai on Wednesday witnessed the sale of a giant burger for a whooping 36,700 dirhams, or $10,000. It was a part of a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer by the. Dubai (CNNMoney) — A juicy burger has sold at a charity auction in Dubai... for $10,000. Asma Al Fahim, founder of Dubai lifestyle magazine Villa 88, phoned in the winning bid. The giant burger. DUBAI - A juicy burger has sold at a charity auction in Dubai... for $10,000. Asma Al Fahim, founder of Dubai lifestyle magazine Villa 88, phoned in the winning bid. The giant burger contained.. Talkers. DUBAI - A juicy burger has sold at a charity auction in Dubai... for $10,000. Asma Al Fahim, founder of Dubai lifestyle magazine Villa 88, phoned in the winning bid. The giant burger. World's most expensive burger sells for $10,000 in Dubai. Burger lovers lucky enough to attend the Eat Pink event at the Dubai Mall on March 14 certainly weren't disappointed with the culinary creations. Known for its over-the-top dining and nightlife, Dubai is now also the home of a record-breaking burger that ( read original story ) Advertisement - Commissions Earned. Categories.

World's most expensive burger sells for $10,000 at Dubai

But a $10,000 burger? Without even the extravagant edition of liquefied diamond mayonnaise or something? Well, it just sold in - where else - Dubai. But before you get your patties in a bunch (see. But at least this over-the-top burger that sold in Dubai for $10,000, ostensibly making it the world's most expensive, entirely benefits charity, meaning at least it was a waste of money for a..

A burger sold for $10,000 at an auction in Dubai. Over the years, the burger has become an icon of America's cuisine. Currently, there are many burger outlets, all-night eateries, and takeaway food outlets serving burgers to millions. Every year, Americans consume about 50 billion burgers. If these burgers were arranged side by side, they would go around the world about 32 times. The. The burger was also created by Russell Impiazzi, culinary director at Le Gourmet in Dubai. RELATED: 10 most expensive burgers in America This content is not available due to your privacy preferences Someone paid $10,000 for this burger. pinterest-pin-it. The Burgerstack consists of seven pattys with aged cheddar and veal bacon in a saffron brioche burger bun with seven spices and Harrisa. ISANG malinamnam na burger ang naipagbenta sa halagang $10,000 o katumbas ng higit kalahating milyong piso. Kaya naman tinanghal ang burger na naging tampok sa isang auction sa Dubai bilang.

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Currency Exchange Rates - International Money Transfer | X Adjusted for inflation, $10,000 in 2000 is equal to $15,477 in 2021. Annual inflation over this period was 2.10%. Value of a dollar. Calculates inflation to see what a U.S. dollar was worth in the past and today. View historical and today's current inflation rates, using the CPI provided by the United States government Jada Dubai. You could fill your black truffle shavings, and a gold-dusted bun, this monstrous meal—aptly named the Golden Giant Burger—costs just under $1,000. Each purchase comes with a magnum-sized bottle of your choice of Champagne or wine. 7. Graf Von Faber-Castell Whitegold Perfect Pencil: $10,000. Graf von Faber-Castell. Step aside Montblanc: There's an even pricier writing. 1-877-337-1188. Pricing. 30 DAYS FREE. Free Trial. Sign in. Find Businesses For Sale. Your Connection to Business & Franchise Opportunities. Business For Sale Franchise For Sale Commercial Real Estate Business Services Wanted Ads. All Investment Types Selected Feather of Huia Bird - $10,000. Wonderoplis explains that whilst huia feathers represent friendship and respect, the huiafeathers are so expensive because the animal has been extinct for over a hundred years. Since the Huia bird is now extinct, these feathers are very difficult to find. Plumage from the were traidtionally used to decorate Maori chiefs. These are considered to be the most.

Burger sold for $10,000 in Dubai charity auction - CN

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This Burger Was Just Sold for $10,000 for Charity in Duba

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World's Most Expensive Burger Sells For $10,000 In Dubai

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Most Expensive Food 2017: Burger Sold For $10,000 In Duba

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