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The Next Rembrandt, unveiled in Amsterdam: the new artwork is based on 168,263 Rembrandt painting fragments. Photograph: handout. Mark Brown. Tue 5 Apr 2016 04.00 EDT. Last modified on Thu 22 Feb. Le 5 avril 2016 à la galerie Looiersgracht 60 d'Amsterdam était présenté The Next Rembrandt, un tableau à la façon du maître copié par un ordinateur grâce au deep learning et à l'impression 3D. L'intelligence artificielle aurait-elle de l'esprit et du goût ? Des maîtres appelés deep learning et impression 3 The Next Rembrandt, a 3D printed painting made from the data of Rembrandt's total body of work, utilized deep learning algorithms and facial recognition techniques. It was unveiled in front of a packed auditorium in Amsterdam, with experts, the press and the public invited to join the conversation about where data and technology can take us Ortswechsel: An der Universität Delft entstand The next Rembrandt. Dort wurden die Rechner mit Porträts von Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) gefüttert. Erfasst wurde selbst die.

Share your videos with friends, family, and the worl The Next Rembrandt was created to bring ING's innovative spirit to their sponsorship of Dutch arts and culture, and to spark a global conversation on where data and technology can take us. Blurring the boundaries between art and technology, The Next Rembrandt is a 3D printed painting made solely from data of Rembrandt's body of work, and was created using deep learning algorithms and. The Next Rembrandt. Veröffentlicht am 19. April 2016. von Opa. Oma liebt - neben Opa - Rembrandt. Als passionierte Malerin ist sie von ihrem Landsmann, dem niederländischen Meister, begeistert. Und da ist sie nicht die Einzige. Weltweit hat Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, wie er mit vollständigem Namen heißt, mehr Fans als so mancher.

The Next Rembrandt also paved the way for new projects responding to the same controversial question: can artificial intelligence create original artwork based on deep-learning? In June 2016, Google launched The Magenta Project, unveiling their first original creation made by a machine: a 90-seconds music made from four notes on the piano. The percussion was added by the Google teams to. The two-year project, entitled The Next Rembrandt , was a collaboration between Microsoft, financial firm ING, Delft University of Technology and two Dutch art museums - Mauritshuis and.. 'The Next Rembrandt' was intended as both an homage to the Dutch painter and a starting point for a discussion about the possibilities of data innovation. Only one thing is for certain: it definitely started a discussion. Today, roughly four years after the painting was created, data innovation and technology is more important than ever. As the world struggles to adapt to the global.

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THE NEXT REMBRANDT. DESIGN / DESIGN DIRECTION. With a team of specialist of different disciplines, we have created an algorithm which has crafted a new painting in the style of Dutch painter Rembrandt and proudly shared this story with the world. The story tells how the digital experts we able to develop an A.I. process, including deeplearning and scanning techniques, that lead to an algorithm. The Next Rembrandt is a project that connects Rembrandt's genius with today's knowledge. The end result is not just a unique painting that is both of the 17th and the 21st century. It allows insights into the long-gone mind of a legendary artist, and also poses questions about the possibilities and limitations of art and technology today. The Next Rembrandt is the brainchild of creative. The Next Rembrandt. Can technology and data bring back to life one of the greatest painters of all time? Discover the story behind The Next Rembrandt, a new painting created from historical Rembrandt data The Next Rembrandt is a 3D printed painting made out of Rembrandt-data. All of his 346 paintings were analysed using hi-res 3D scans and digital files upscaled by a deep learning algorithm. Facial recognition and machine software was designed to understand Rembrandt's style and use those learnings to generate new facial features, which were assembled based on his use of geometric proportions.

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The Next Rembrandt. Can technology and data bring back to life one of history's greatest painters? Read Case Study. Opel Pay with views. A new digital currency for Opel Read Case Study. See our work News. In The Press Meet Carlos Camacho! Carlos Camacho, our new Executive Creative Director at WT Amsterdam Read More. In The Press Meet Ellen van den Berg! Introducing Ellen van den Berg, our. Book a Stay at The Rembrandt, London. Price Guarantee. Browse Reviews and Photos. By Your Side from Booking to Stay. 24h Customer Support When You Need I

Next, they used a separate algorithm to determine Rembrandt's most common subjects, partitioned by factors such as age, gender, and even head-facing direction. Using that analysis, the researchers determined that the final painting should be a portrait of a Caucasian male with facial hair, 30-40 years old, wearing black clothes with a white collar and a hat, facing to the right The Next Rembrandt is a 3D printed painting made completely out of data derived from Rembrandt's total body of work. _ ING Bank has been building its credentials as an innovative bank. They wanted their innovative spirit to reflect in everything they do. So, when their brief for art and culture sponsorship came to the table, we decided to bring this forward-thinking approach to this. The Next Rembrandt stood out from the other artifacts that our group surveyed because of the precedence and standard that this project is setting. To blend the worlds of art and algorithm to mimic the work of one of the greatest artists in history opens up the potential of such technology to be applied for restoration projects and greater artistic feats. Furthermore, this artifact gives. Nein, dieser, The Next Rembrandt ' ist wirklich brandneu und wurde innerhalb von 18 Monaten mit Daten, Algorithmen und einem 3D-Drucker erstellt. Ein Team von Datenwissenschaftlern, Ingenieuren und Wissenschaftlern aus verschiedenen Institutionen, darunter Microsoft und das Rembrandt House Museum, haben sich zusammengeschlossen, um diese Hommage an den großen Maler zu schaffen. Das Team. The Next Rembrandt is one of this year's (2016) most talked about artificial intelligence meets creativity projects. A group of art historians, material researchers, data scientists and engineers - led by J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam for client ING and technical partner Microsoft - spent 18 months to take on a controversial challenge: how to teach a machine to think, act and paint like.

The positive that The Next Rembrandt accomplishes is that it beautifies and exalts Rembrandt's and other artists' loving human hand. Sorry for the scientists, engineers, and art historians who haven't put paint to canvas to understand the abundant difference. Reply. Claire Einsicht says: May 5, 2016 at 4:20 am. Claire Einsicht The quantum theorie goes really to the heart of the matter. The Next Rembrandt war 2016 eine der meistprämierten Kreativarbeiten weltweit und gilt bis heute als Benchmark in Sachen Creative Data. Jetzt legt JWT jetzt die Nachfolgearbeit vor - und. The Next Rembrandt is a computer-generated 3-D-printed painting developed by a facial-recognition algorithm that scanned data from 346 known paintings by the Dutch painter in a process lasting 18 months. The portrait consists of 148 million pixels and is based on 168,263 fragments from Rembrandt's works stored in a purpose-built database. The project was sponsored by the Dutch banking.

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  1. imale niveau, met 'compleet' werkt alles het best. Maar je kunt ook kiezen voor een ander niveau. Wat je kiest in Mijn ING geldt vanzelf ook op ing.nl en al onze apps. Je keuze kan je natuurlijk altijd aanpassen. Voor internetbankieren, analyse, social media en persoonlijke ING-aanbiedingen op website/apps van ING en andere.
  2. The Next Rembrandt. Kann Technologie einen der größten Maler aller Zeiten wieder zum Leben erwecken? Ein Team von Mitarbeitern der ING, Microsoft, TU Delft und dem Rembrandtmuseum hat diese Herausforderung angenommen. Mit Daten als Maler und Technologie als Pinsel wurde mit Hilfe fortschrittlicher Techniken ein neuer Rembrandt geschaffen. 3D-Modell entstand mit Hilfe von Algorithmen und.
  3. ING: The Next Rembrandt. This case study describes how ING, a Dutch national bank, re-energised its sponsorship of art and culture in the Netherlands and strengthened its image as an innovative bank, using data and technology to create The Next Rembrandt. Banks. Netherlands
  4. The Next Rembrandt. It's one of the most-awarded - and most talked-about - campaigns of this year's Cannes Lions. 'The Next Rembrandt', a project for Dutch bank ING from JWT Amsterdam, used a great insight, machine learning and 3D printing to make an all-new painting from the 17th century old master, Rembrandt van Rijn

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  1. This extensive database was then used as the foundation for creating The Next Rembrandt. We now had a digital file true to Rembrandt's style in content, shapes, and lighting. But paintings aren't just 2D — they have a remarkable three-dimensionality that comes from brushstrokes and layers of paint. To recreate this texture, we had to study 3D scans of Rembrandt's paintings and analyze.
  2. Case Study The Next Rembrandt (board) for ING Bank by J. Walter Thompson Amsterda
  3. read. Sponsored. Paradox! Feeling machines and the rise of post-modern marketing. Promoted. 24 Jun 2016 . 2

The next Rembrandt, un perfetto falso in stile Rembrandt. Il dipinto intitolato The next Rembrandt è nato grazie a un team di sviluppatori, che con il supporto di Microsoft, ha creato e stampato in 3D un quadro analizzando i dati delle opere di Rembrandt, uno dei più grandi pittori della storia dell'arte europea. Il quadro non è una copia. The Next Rembrandt: Artificial Intelligence Enriches Human Creativity . Artificial Intelligence is getting better at many things that humans aren't, including playing games like chess and Go, but also in performing autonomous robotic surgery without human intervention. By. Dr Frank J Peter. on. 3rd July 2018. 3 min read. 292. views 0 comment. 0. M achine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Directed by Juliette Stevens. With David de Witt, Joris Dik, Emmanuel Floris, Morris Franken. Can Rembrandt be brought back to life to make one more painting? Yes, but this time data is the painter and technology is the brush The Next Rembrandt: Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam: Campaign: The Next Rembrandt: Advertiser: ING Group: Brand: ING Bank: Want to see all the credits ? this content is for subscribers only. Subscribe and get unlimited access. Be inspired by the best creative work from around the world. Subscribe Already a Subscriber ? Log In. Date of First Broadcast/Publication: Subscribers Only. ‎Die KI-Technologie ist bereits so weit fortgeschritten, dass sie bereits in der Lage ist, Kunst und Literatur hervorzubringen. Sehr eindrucksvoll zeigte sich die kreative KI bei Projekten wie THE NEXT REMBRANDT, bei dem eine KI durch das Training mit Original-Rembrandtwerken ein Rembrandt-Gemälde

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The Next Rembrandt. Esperimenti di AI e Storia dell'arte. - Art'usi. The Next Rembrandt. Esperimenti di AI e Storia dell'arte. Durante una lezione del corso di Didattica e metodologia dell'insegnamento in Storia dell'arte alla Sapienza è stato nostro ospite il dr. Matteo Viscogliosi della Fondazione Mondo Digitale di Roma, con cui. El cuadro se titula The Next Rembrandt y recibe el nombre del proyecto que mediante la compilación de datos, algoritmos y una impresora 3D ha conseguido crear una obra nueva en un lapso de 18 meses. Un equipo de científicos especializados en data, ingenieros y científicos de diversas instituciones, entre ellas Microsoft y la Casa-museo de Rembrandt, se unieron para crear un homenaje a este. The Next Rembrandt. Autor des Artikels : opa Zum Original-Artikel Gedanken eines Großvaters Oma liebt - neben Opa - Rembrandt. Als passionierte Malerin ist sie von ihrem Landsmann, dem niederländischen Meister, begeistert. Und da ist sie nicht die Einzige. Weltweit hat Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, wie er mit vollständigem Namen heißt, mehr Fans als so mancher Popstar. Und für die. 今回の「The Next Rembrandt」プロジェクトではその技術を用いつつ、多作だったレンブラントの絵画を AI に機械学習させることで、本人が描いたと. His employer acts as one of two partners involved in The Next Rembrandt, the other being the Dutch bank ING — hence, presumably, the choice of painter to resurrect. Their combined resources have produced a wholly theoretical, but in a physical sense very real, new Rembrandt portrait , meticulously 3D-printed at 148 megapixels in thirteen layers of paint-based UV ink

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The Next Rembrandt Case Study. The Next Rembrandt brings back to life one of the greatest painters of all time, only this time data is the painter and technology the brush. Using data from all of Rembrandt's paintings, a computer system generated a 3D-printed portrait 347 years after the great master's death The Next Rembrandt The Next Rembrandt - Kunstwerke aus dem 3D Drucker?! Am 5. April 2016 wurde das neueste Werk des großen niederländischen Künstlers Rembrandt enthüllt. Auch 347 Jahre nach dem Tod des Meisters der niederländischen Malerei des 17. Jahrhunderts scheinen immer wieder neue, unentdeckte Werke des Künstlers aufzutauchen. Naja, zugegeben nicht ganz. Denn das am. Weil es hier ums Rechnen und nicht ums Malen geht, gleich mal eine Grundgröße - The Next Rembrandt, wie das Bild offiziell heißt, ist nicht der Durchschnitt, sondern die Summe dieser 346. The Next Rembrandt, a computer-generated, 3-D-printed painting made using data from the artist's real works. Photograph by ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN / AFP / Gett

'New Rembrandt' to be unveiled in Amsterdam Rembrandt

The Next Rembrandt is a 3D printed painting, made solely from data of Rembrandt's work. The painting consists of over 148 million pixels and was created using deep learning algorithms and facial recognition techniques, based on 168,263 painting fragments from Rembrandt's oeuvre, bringing the Master of Light and Shadow back to life to create one more painting. Only this time, data is. The Next Rembrandt, as it's been dubbed, was the brainchild of Bas Korsten, creative director at the advertising firm J. Walter Thompson in Amsterdam. A digital reconstruction of the face of. The Next Rembrandt has been unveiled in Amsterdam: a 3D printed painting, made solely from data of Rembrandt's body of work. Thus bringing the Master of Light and Shadow back to life to create one more painting. Only this time, data is the painter, and technology the brush. At 10.00 CET on 5 April 2016, a portrait of a man in black 17th-century clothing with a white collar and a hat has been. After almost 400 years, a new portrait 'by Rembrandt' was unveiled in Amsterdam this week. A 3D printed painting, made solely from data of Rembrandt's body of work. Thus bringing the Master of Light and Shadow back to life to create one more painting. Only this time, data is the painter.

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The Next Rembrandt is a 3D printed painting made out of Rembrandt-data. All of his 346 paintings were analysed using hi-res 3D scans and digital files upscaled by a deep learning algorithm. All of his 346 paintings were analysed using hi-res 3D scans and digital files upscaled by a deep learning algorithm Source: The Next Rembrandt/YouTube. From the Smithsonian comes news - and a must-see fascinating video - about a painting created using data from more than 168,000 fragments of Rembrandt's work, trained to paint in Rembrandt's signature style.. The video shows how the team used scanning, 3D printing, deep learning and inventiveness to create a new painting in Rembrandt's style.

The Next Rembrandt is the complete opposite of a real Rembrandt. Firstly, because of its utter absence of humanity, replaced by the trace of an undeniable, yet cold, mechanic intelligence. The programmer sought to teach a computer to be more flexible, raising categoric questions on the future of creativity. Are we to enter a new era of creative production, working with new definitions and. The Next Rembrandt. Trending Categories; Art; Artificial Intelligence; Augmented Reality; Education; Hologram; Medical; Projection Mapping; Sensors; Sound; Robotics; Virtual Reality; More Created by ING + Microsoft + TU Delft + Mauritshuis + Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016. A team of experts generated a new painting based on the deep learning analysis of Rembrandt's 346. The Next Rembrandt: So wunderbar sieht ein wahres Daten-Druck-Kunstwerk final aus. Beeindruckender als das Digitalfoto per Web ist allerdings der Spezialdruck. Kunstexperten des Museums Het Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam und Wissenschaftler der Delfter University of Technology knüpften aktuell an die Druck-Kunst Rembrandts in besonderer Weise an — und fanden ein weltweites Echo. Mit.

The next Rembrandt. Netherlands. Agency Network: JWT. Published/Aired: April 2016. Posted: April 07, 2016. Like. 71. Comments. 5. Share. Share. Facebook; Google Plus; LinkedIn; Pinterest; Twitter ; Tags. Digital Netherlands Finance ING JWT Cannes Lions 2016 CLIO 2016. Description. On the 5th of April a portrait of a man in black 17th-century clothing with a white collar and a hat was unveiled. The Next Rembrandt? April 15, 2013 jreczek911 Lillstreet, Painting 1 Comment. As some of you know, I went to school as a Fine Arts major, but then transitioned into Art History after my freshman year. I was always into drawing and sketching, and during my first year at UofI, I did learn a lot in my art foundation classes - mostly around technique and applications of pencil, ink, and charcoal. The Next Rembrandt is a 3D printed painting made completely out of data derived from Rembrandt's body of work. Partnering with Microsoft and various technical and art advisors, we created a computer system that studied the great Master's oeuvre. Those learnings were applied to generate features of a never before seen man, exactly in the style of Rembrandt's paintings. Then an algorithm.

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  1. The Next Rembrandt. In the news recently you may have heard talk of a 'new' Rembrandt. They weren't referring to some young prodigy setting the art establishment ablaze, nor about a rediscovered classic from the master himself. They were talking about a truly remarkable achievement by the Delft University of Technology and the Rembrandt Museum. Their aim was to use data capture and.
  2. The Next Rembrandt: Data analysts 'bring artist back to life' to create one last painting 'The idea was greeted with a lot of disbelief and scepticism
  3. An artwork entitled 'The Next Rembrandt' has recently been unveiled in Amsterdam. The painting depicts a 17th-century thirty-something man in a black hat and white collar that creator Bas Korsten hopes looks 'unmistakably like a Rembrandt'. The painting is in fact created by data analysts and computers, and is the result of an 18 month [
  4. The Next Rembrandt: Reaching Toward the Human Soul with 3D Printed Data . April 5, 2016 by Hannah Rose Mendoza 3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Printing. Share this Article. The technical world of 3D.
  5. The Next Rembrandt. Posted on April 07, 2016. Rembrandt van Rijn (1606 - 1669) was one of the world's greatest painters and an important figure in Dutch history. After almost 400 years, a new portrait 'by Rembrandt' was unveiled in Amsterdam on April 5, 2016. The portrait was created by art historians and technicians using data and facial recognition techniques from 346 of Rembrandt.

'The next Rembrandt': Das passiert, wenn künstliche

  1. The Next Rembrandt is a project by ING, Microsoft, Tu Delft, and Mauritshuis that attempts to make one more original Rembrandt painting. To master his style, they designed a software system that could understand Rembrandt based on his use of geometry, composition, lighting and shading, and painting materials. A facial recognition algorithm was also made to identify an
  2. The Next Rembrandt werd uiteindelijk ook met een 3D-printer 'geschilderd'. Om tot dit resultaat te komen, moest de artistieke vrijheid van het algoritme wel enigszins ingeperkt worden. Door te supervisen waar het zich op moest focussen, werd het algoritme opgedragen een portret van een man tussen de 30 en 40 jaar, in donkere kleding en met gezichtsbeharing te schilderen. Voor professor.
  3. New website of the day at Awwwards.com: The Next Rembrandt. Sharen mit: Twitter; Facebook; Gefällt mir: Gefällt mir Wird geladen... Ähnliche Beiträge. Dieser Eintrag wurde veröffentlicht in Webdesign und getaggt mit Webdesign am 14. April 2016 von ostheimer. Beitragsnavigation ← 356 Pagekit 1.0 - A Modern & Lightweight CMS with Material Design UI → Kommentar verfassen Antwort.

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A Rembrandt original painting all made by a machine? Pushing back the boundaries of artistic creativity with Artificial Intelligence and 3D printing is now possible after the successfully achieved project untitled The Next Rembrandt. The concept? Create a new painting in the exact same style of the famous painter Rembrandt with Technology The Next Rembrandt has been unveiled in Amsterdam: a 3D printed painting, made solely from data of Rembrandt's body of work. Thus bringing the Master of Light and Shadow back to life to create one more painting. Only this time, data is the painter, and technology the brush. Rembrandt van Rijn (15 July 1606 - 4 October 1669) is considered one of the world's greatest painters and a key. Il ritratto realizzato da The Next Rembrandt: il software capace di riprodurre i ritratti del pittore olandese Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijin. Anche l'arte diventa tecnologica. Ad Amsterdam, nella giornata di oggi, è stato presentato The Next Rembrandt: un software capace di realizzare, attraverso l'elaborazione di un algoritmo, i ritratti dell'omonimo pittore olandese.

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This 2016 Clio Awards Gold winning entry titled 'The Next Rembrandt' was entered for ING. The piece was submitted to the medium: Branded Entertainment within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Event/Experiential. It consists of 1 video and 1 image The Next Rembrandt was a way for ING to bring this innovative spirit to their sponsorship of Dutch art and cultural icons. An incredible project with results worth sharing. Computer Generated Rembrandt Portrait . By Kathryn Williams | 2020-09-03T10:25:34+10:00 August 28th, 2020 | Creative | 0 Comments. Keep in touch! Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Google+ Tumblr Pinterest Vk Email. Related. The next Rembrandt. By ING. Details. Agency: N/A; Place: Netherlands; Advertiser. ING, a international banking corporation operating in more than 40 countries; Objective / insight . Rembrandt's last painting is almost 4 centuries old; Until nowadays, data has mainly been used to improve business' performance; INPG, in collaboration with Microsoft, the Delft University of Technology and the.

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The Next Rembrandt The new work was then designed to look as much like a Rembrandt as possible - while remaining an original portrait. It was then 3D-printed to give it the same texture as an oil painting The Next Rembrandt A picture drawn by AI Deep learning. Sudofu. 3:26. The Verdict | The Next Rembrandt Project Sets New Standards For Creative Data. The Drum. 4:21. The Next Rembrandt - إعادة رسم لوحات . Riwaaq رواق. 1:03. TRAILER THE NEXT REMBRANDT. Netexplo. 3:18. Could A.I. be the next Rembrandt? euronews (in English) 2:15. J.Walter Thompson Amsterdam pour ING - THE NEXT. The Next Rembrandt is a project that used data from the masterpieces by the Dutch painter to create a new one that looks like a original 17th century painting! The Next Rembrandt was created by teams from Maitihuis and Rembrandthuis museums, Microsoft, ING Bank, J, Walter Thompson Advertising Agency and Delft University of Technology. The public apresentation of the portrait happened in. The Next Rembrandt, l'impression 3D de vraies fausses toiles de maîtres . Publié le : 09/04/2016 - 23:34. Audio 02:09 . L'ordinateur après plus de 500 heures de calculs a généré une.

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  1. A new Rembrandt painting has been unveiled in Amsterdam on Tuesday, and we're not talking about a newly discovered work. No, this one called The Next Rembrandt is truly brand new, created using.
  2. Das Projekt The Next Rembrandt hat mithilfe eines Algorithmus ein Bild gefertigt, das alle Merkmale eines Rembrandt-Gemäldes hat. Als Daten-Grundlage dienten 3D-Scans der Original-Werke
  3. The Next Rembrandt a été réalisée en impression 3D et le réalisme ainsi que la réalité de la matière viennent réinterroger la question même de l'auteur. Ce contenu a été publié dans Regards, Territoires par Marie Rousseau. Mettez-le en favori avec son permalien. Laisser.

The next Rembrandt. You are probably thinking the same thing as I did, how can there possibly be a 'next Rembrandt'? Well, Technology has been soaring sky high for the past century. We are able to do things that none of us could ever dream of a few centuries ago. So of course, it was just a matter of time until someone was able to create an NEW Rembrandt painting using the relatively new. (Image credit: The Next Rembrandt/ING) Last week, scholars revealed an as-yet-unknown Rembrandt painting. The picture, which shows a man looking away, had the rich colors, subtle emotion.

The Next Rembrandt, een 3D-geprint schilderij gebaseerd op uitsluitend data van het omvangrijke werk van Rembrandt, gaat op tournee door Nederland. Na wereldwijde media-aandacht wordt deze vernieuwende creatie tentoon gesteld in verschillende grote steden. In een fraaie verlichte zuil is The Next Rembrandt achtereenvolgens te zien zijn in Amsterdam, Leeuwarden, Den Haag, Utrecht en Rotterdam. The painting, which is being billed as The Next Rembrandt, was created using data from more than 168,000 fragments of Rembrandt's work. Over the course of 18 months, a group of engineers.

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«The Next Rembrandt»: l'intelligence artificielle transformée en peintre L'IA peut-elle reproduire, voire créer une œuvre d'art? Oui, et bien plus encore Listen to music from The Next Rembrandt. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from The Next Rembrandt

'The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee' By Rembrandt van RijnVintage Rembrandt Brass and Enamel Table Lamps fromSaskia van Uylenburgh - WikipediaAntonio Rivas (Spanish, 1845-1911) , The harem dancer
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