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All first-year candidates must complete the Common Application, the Universal College Application, or the Coalition Application along with the required supplements. We have no preference and each application is treated equally by the Admissions Committee. View our detailed application requirements here Just as no two Stanford students are the same, each applicant to Stanford is unique. This means that as we review each application, we pay careful attention to unique circumstances. We take into account your background, educational pathway, and work and family responsibilities. By focusing on your achievements in context, we evaluate how you have excelled in your school environment and how you have taken advantage of what is available to you in your school and community If you're a foreign student you're required to take SAT for undergraduate studies and GRE / GMAT for graduate studies apart from the finals required to graduate in your home country. For instance, in Poland, we had to take a final exam and also received other grades and if you want to study in the US you have to take SAT

As an international student, how can I get admission to

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  2. imum requirements can be found on the International Applicants page
  3. At Stanford, you'll have the choice to apply using one of two portals: The Common Application and the Coalition Application. Most students apply via the Common Application, which you can learn more about in our Guide to the Common App. Each applicant may apply Restrictive Early Action, with a deadline of November 1
  4. To get into Stanford, start by taking high school classes that coincide with your intended area of study. AP classes are even more impressive, as long as you can still get good grades in them. Aside from school, focus on one or two extracurriculars or volunteer opportunities that you're passionate about. Additionally, consider taking a prep course for standardized tests, because perfect scores will give you a better chance of being admitted
  5. This section has information and instructions on visas, financing, and language requirements. If you have any questions that are not covered in this section, visit the Bechtel International Center at Stanford web site. Arrival and Orientation Whether you arrive before orientation or during orientation, be sure to visit the I-Center web site for full details of the Graduat

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  1. How to get into Stanford (from an admitted student) avdaxes 47 replies 13 threads Junior Member. July 2008 edited June 2013 in Stanford University. After having been over-familiarized with CC, I have become sick of useless chances posts, useless speculation about how to get in, and useless crying and complaining about the process. The purpose of this post is to give back to the CC community.
  2. In order to receive university scholarship funds, international students must obtain either a Social Security number (SSN) or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Stanford's Bechtel International Center offers information on their website about obtaining an SSN or an ITIN
  3. d when applying for Stanford University as an International student are: Application Fee Waiver will be granted to any student facing financial hardships. ACT/SAT score requirements are not compulsory for first-year and transfer applicants applying to enter Stanford in 2020-21 or 2021-22
  4. g more and more difficult every year, and it is especially difficult for an international.
  5. Though these costs are high, Stanford offers need-based institutional aid and need-based Stanford Loans, most of which have 0 percent interest while students are in school or residency. There are also a number of other grants, federal loans, and external sources of funding available
  6. Technically, Cornell has the highest overall acceptance rate at 10.6%, however, that doesn't necessarily translate as the easiest Ivy League school to get into for all students. If you want to get into an Ivy League school and are not sure which schools to apply to, feel free to contact an Ivy League admissions experts at Powerful Prep for a free consultation
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Why being well-rounded won't help you get into Stanford. How Stanford admissions officers evaluate applicants ; A look at the demographics of Stanford undergraduates; The percent of accepted students that attend the university (yield rate) Tips for applying to Stanford; How to assess whether applying to Stanford is even worth the $90 application fee (for you) Let's begin with an. International Students at Stanford GSB. Our goal of developing transformational leaders with a desire to make an impact in the world makes Stanford GSB an ideal fit for international students. As a result, Stanford GSB's global reputation draws bright, accomplished individuals from around the world. Over 40% of our MBA students and over 75%. Presently, Stanford University scholarships for international students are limited to need-based aid, awarded to less than 25% international applicants. Compared to undergraduate students, graduate students have other means of financial support, in the form of fellowships, assistantships, and program-specific grants. In 2019 How to get into Stanford University For Undergraduate (UG) and Masters (MS) degrees . As someone said, when you're applying to Stanford, you are trying to join a club that includes people who have already interned at NASA, published books that went on to the NYT best sellers' list, and played music at Carnegie Hall. But if you have it in you, you will probably relish the challenge. You.

How to Get Into Stanford (by an Accepted Student

I ask every student I become friends with deep questions about their background to understand them (and as a result, I learn what Stanford saw, too). 99% of students don't do this. Stanford may want to admit you if they had perfect information — but they don't. They just know what you write in your application. I suspect that every year. While getting into Stanford is very tough, there are definite rules to Stanford admissions. Using these rules to your advantage will greatly increase your chances of getting in. The first and foremost, an academic institution, so you need to have spectacular academics to get in. The 25th percentile score of admitted students is as high as a 1400 (SAT) or 31 (ACT). This means that the vast. The Stanford Graduate School of Education offers various scholarships for international Master's students, one of which is the tuition fellowship. This merit-based Stanford University scholarship does not require any separate application as it is given alongside the acceptance for admission. As such, a student who receives a letter of admission without fellowship details means that he/she is.

How to get into MIT as an international student . How difficult is it to get into MIT? Selectivity statistics. According to statistics of the class entering in the fall of 2017, there were 20,247 freshmen applicants, but only 1,452 admits (acceptance rate 7.2 percent). Applicants included 15,594 US citizens or permanent residents, and 1,317 (8. Q: Hi FirstStep.me, I would like to find out more about admission into Stanford University along with financial aid they offer. I would be applying as an international student to the university. A: Hi there, the Stanford University website is well put together and has all the information you require on the following links: 1. Stanford University websit Subscribe to Stanford Health Alerts for the latest information from the University. x. Applying for Aid. Transfer—International Students . Printable Checklist for Transfer—International Students. Application Requirements 2021-2022. IMPORTANT DATES CSS Profile/IDOC Available. October 1. Priority Filing Date . March 15. Award Notification : May 15: CSS Profile. Apply online using school.

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  1. How likely am I to get into Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and the Ivies as an international student wanting to major in Computer Science? What Are My Chances? lilquackquack. February 17, 2021, 9:47pm #1. Demo: Asian, Female Here are my stats and ECs: SAT: 1550; ACT: 35; 4.0 GPA UW (our school doesn't do weighted GPA or ranking) Took 16 APs throughout high school: Physics 1, Physics 2, Chemistry.
  2. Stanford students come from across the U.S. and the world, representing diverse experiences, backgrounds and cultures. 6,994Undergraduate Students Class of 2023from 77 countries + 48 states 9,390Graduate Students Undergraduates. Undergraduate Admission. About 1,700 freshmen and 30 transfer students are admitted to Stanford each year. We review each applicant with an eye to academic excellence.
  3. How to get into Stanford (from an admitted student) avdaxes 47 replies 13 threads Junior Member. July 2008 edited June 2013 in Stanford University. After having been over-familiarized with CC, I have become sick of useless chances posts, useless speculation about how to get in, and useless crying and complaining about the process. The purpose of this post is to give back to the CC community.
  4. As for international students, I think many people don't realise that its actually harder for us to get into US universities than it is for domestic students; and when you consider that the acceptance rate at most top US universities is around 5-6%, and around 3-4% for international students, having solid grades are a certified must frankly. In my experience, everyone knows the odds are.

Our guide on how to get into the Ivy League as an international student has everything you need to know. From TOEFL, SAT, and ACT testing, financial aid, and more. Our experts even mapped out an ideal timeline of your journey from primary education to your first day of class at the Ivy League school of your dreams Most U.S. students apply to MIT at the beginning of their final year of high school, and international applicants should do the same. Only accepted students are required to send final grades, and we understand that they will not be available until the summer months. Most applicants are 17-19 years of age. Some may be younger, especially if they have studied ahead; some may be older. This includes many international students. Applicants who receive new grades by February 1 should submit a Mid-Year Report. Only admitted students are required to submit the Final Report, which provides final secondary school grades and examination marks. Admitted students submit the Final Report in the summer before fall matriculation. If your secondary school provides predicted results for.

As an international student, do I have a chance to get

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To get into Stanford, you require a good GRE score, but you also need a stellar profile. For example, you can persuade the admissions panel by showing that you would be a valuable addition to the school. You can do that through multiple ways; research, publications, relevant work experience, and significant social work, etc. are to name a few. You have to woo them. High GRE scores allow you. Students at Non-English Speaking Schools. Any documents that are part of your application file and not in English, such as transcripts or recommendations, need to be officially translated into English and submitted along with the original documents. English Language Proficiency Requirement for International Students

Get some more tips on how to get into Stanford Medical School from our video: Selection Factors. MCAT and GPA. Getting into Stanford Medical School is no easy task. Last year, the school received 7506 applications! Only 480 were invited for an interview - only a 6.4% success rate and only 90 students were admitted (1.19%). Last year's matriculants represented 24 states and 4 countries. Seriously, though, gaining entry into Harvard is achievable, though hard work and preparation is an absolute must! To be honest, though, the process isn't any different to your standard US college application, just more competitive. So get off the couch and reach for the mother flippin' stars, brother, because you're going to Harvard! To find out more about how Crimson could help you become. See minimum level of study required of international applicants. Area of Undergraduate Study. Students who meet the above degree requirement with a strong technical background in engineering, physical sciences, or mathematics are welcome to apply; a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering is not strictly required. While we do not require specific undergraduate coursework for admission, we. Only International Students applying to the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program may also apply to the Stanford MSTP. If applying to Knight-Hennessy, International Students may apply to the MSTP MD-PhD track at Stanford. An International Student can still pursue a dual degree MD-PhD program here at Stanford outside of the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program. The applicant must apply and be admitted. Yes, those have been the actual headlines. But, if you look closely, you will realize that international applications are down by 13.7% in the US for business programs. But, the STEM-certified programs in the US are still very popular. In this post, we will look at how to get into Ivy League universities for MS from India

International students: 10%. Asian Americans and Caucasians make up the largest percentage of MIT's population, about 40% each. Most MIT students major in STEM-related fields. Among those who don't, architecture, urban planning, and management (at MIT Sloan) are popular choices. The interdisciplinary program Humanities and Engineering is a favorite among students interested in. In the case of international students, Stanford offers a limited amount of financial aid and funding opportunities. To this end, financial aid is offered depending on the applicant's family income, so if your family income determines whether or not you will receive full tuition scholarships at Stanford. Because of their finances, some students even receive a fully funded scholarships

Even though Stanford estimates total costs to be about $74,570, roughly 70% of Stanford students receive some form of financial aid Stanford does not give any loans. All financial aid to international students is in the form of scholarships. However, some other colleges like Princeton do give loans, but not large amounts, to international students. Once you are at Stanford you will have many opportunities available to earn money. There is this thing at Stanford and other. Tuition and Fees, 2020-21 Regular quarterly tuition for the academic year 2020-21, payable Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters. For tution for next, see the Tuition and Fees, 2021-22 web page. Tuition Category Tuition Undergraduate $18,491 Graduate 11-18 units $18,105 Graduate 8,9,10-unit rate $11,770 Each graduate unit above 18 $1,207 Graduate Engineering 11-18 unit

I like this strategy for students applying to any reach school, such as Harvard, Stanford, etc. that is extremely difficult to get into, even with perfect scores! Unless you are confident about getting into your dream school with a straightforward resume and application, it's in your best interest to get a little wild with your cover letter and application Recommenders have until January 3, 2022, to submit their online recommendation letters. The online application fee is $125 for all applicants, both domestic and international. If you are considering applying to Stanford graduate programs and need assistance with the application fees, consider applying for a fee waiver

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To get into Oxford University, start by deciding what you want to study, then take extra classes or do research on your own to become as knowledgable as possible in that area. Next, begin a rigorous study schedule to develop the strong work ethic you'll need at Oxford and to ensure that your grades are absolutely perfect. Finally, decide which college to apply to and complete your. These provide students with an opportunity or students to live at Harvard for the summer, work with the faculty and graduate students, and enjoy access to the university resources. If you are considering getting a Ph.D., then the Summer Research Opportunities at Harvard (SROH) connects you with first-class researchers who work in the social sciences, humanities, and physical sciences. In this. Students from Indian and other developing countries who want to pursue their Master from the International Universities and they have no other way to finance their studies. Aga Khan Foundation gives priority to the Masters Program than any other courses. Students under the age of 30 years will have an advantage. Total Number of Scholarship

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  1. Applicants require exceptionally good grades to get into Stanford. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at Stanford University was 4.18 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily A students are accepted and ultimately attend. The school ranks #2 in California for highest average GPA
  2. Stanford University Scholarship Program 2021 in USA - Fully Funded. Call for applications for fully funded Stanford University Scholarship Program for 2021. 100 Students (National & International) will be getting fully funded Scholarships to study Masters, Ph.D., MS, MBA, MFA, MD, JD degrees at Stanford University
  3. Q: I am an international student (or student at a US school that doesn't use a 4.0 scale), and my grades are not on a 4.0 scale. Should I compute my GPA to compare to the US 4.0 grading scale? A: Yes. Due to the volume of transcripts we receive, we would like to have all students submit their GPAs to us based on our 4.0 scale

International Students: Get Into U.S. Medical Schools Most U.S. medical schools require applicants to complete undergraduate coursework in America. By Azadeh Salek, M.D Places for international applicants. Competition for places on the Medicine course at Oxford University for international students is very strong as the Medical School is required by the government to restrict the number of students who are classified as international students for fees purposes to a maximum of fourteen each year, across both.

There are hundreds of predictive models, thousands of counselors who have their own approach and secret sauces of helping students get into the Ivy League college or top colleges around the world, most of the time confusing the students and parents than helping them learn what it takes to apply to the top colleges in the world.This becomes a lot more dreadful for any parent who may not have. As we've noted before, although schools claim that they don't have quotas for the admission of international students, top schools have historically limited international students to 8-12% of the class. The number of international applicants admitted to the Class of 2022 at Stanford and Princeton — 11.4% and 12%, respectively — fall right into this range. This reinforces the difficulty. The medical school admissions process is competitive enough as it is! But as an international applicant, it's even harder. There's a limited number of medical schools in the US that accept or even interview international students.A good place to start making your list if you are an international student is to understand which MD schools even interview international applicants Stanford has actively supported the DREAM Act legislation since its introduction in 2001, which would allow undocumented students to continue their education and apply for U.S. citizenship. Stanford also supports Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an executive action signed by former President Barack Obama, which allowed some undocumented individuals who entered the United States. Admission Process of Stanford University: The Admission process of Stanford University is not as difficult as it is stated.But one needs to be an extra ordinary student to get into this university. They should not only scoring good marks but also will have to be highly impressive in extra-curricular activities

What are the chances of a foreign student to get accepted into Stanford? Are there any special requirements towards international students or skills they must have? In short, Stanford is awesome as you guys know and I want to study there. However, I am a grade 11 student from Bulgaria with a near perfect gpa so far and an A in CAE English Certificate (I know it's useless in terms of. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Be able to verify fluency in the English language, using one of the methods described in the English Language Proficiency section on the International Students page. If you have earned or will have completed the requirements for an undergraduate degree by the start of the Summer Quarter, your application will be evaluated as a visiting graduate student

The more time you leave yourself to prepare, the better off you are, so lets get right into it! Stanford Transfer GPA. With an extremely low transfer acceptance rate, you should be aiming to apply with a 4.0 GPA. Keep in mind that students are applying to transfer from community college as well as other top universities. Achieving a 4.0 GPA or. Stanford does not necessarily look for the most qualified applicant; rather, it looks for people who are passionate about what they want to do and truly excel in what they love. They don't want kids who've done everything under the sun so that they can get into a certain college. Therefore, consistency is key Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Number of international students who received aid: 77; Average aid amount awarded: $61,052 . If you're a non-US student attending a non English-language high school, chances are that you'll need to prove your English proficiency when applying to university. Fortunately, our PrepScholar TOEFL product is here to help you crush the TOEFL, with a guaranteed 15. To be eligible to represent Stanford University in intercollegiate athletics competition, Stanford student-athletes must meet NCAA academic requirements and maintain satisfactory progress towards degrees as detailed below. Click here to see the requirements as a PDF. ALL STUDENTS - At All Times

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International students make up nearly a quarter of our entire student population. At USC, an international student is an individual of foreign nationality who will be entering, or has already entered, the United States with a student visa. Students already residing in the United States and holding other non-immigrant visas (for instance, an E2, H2, or L2) are also considered international. Choosing to study in the UK as an international student can be a big decision. Here are the ten best ways to choose the right university for you. Explore more › What level of English do I need to get into a UK university? If you want to study in the UK and English isn't your first language, you'll need to take an English language test. Explore more › How to prepare for a uni interview. Cambridge graduates from all disciplines go into a very wide range of occupations, and are highly employable and greatly sought after due to the key transferable skills you develop and hone here. Settling in . To help you settle in there's a huge range of information, events and activities for new overseas undergraduates. The International Students website provides lots of practical guidance. A student who scored seven A*s at A Level is heading to Stanford University in the US after being rejected by Oxford. Alastair Herron achieved top grades in biology, chemistry, physics, maths.

College education is a privilege anywhere in the world and students across the world strive to get into the best colleges. A college degree provides a gateway to a bright future and in many countries it is the only way one can hope to get a good job. Especially in India and China with burgeoning population, recruiters and companies have only parameters of college degrees and college names to. Stanford University School of Medicine accepts between 1 to 5 non-US students a year, and this number includes Canadian citizens. Much like the previously mentioned schools, you will have to set aside money to prove you can pay for your tuition and living expenses. However, unlike the other schools, Stanford does provide loans to international students if needed. Also unique about the school. International students will be required to submit the TOEFL, IELTS, or DuoLingo English Test as the primary means for evaluating English-language proficiency. Prospective students and applicants must decide for themselves whether or not to include standardized test scores with their application for admission to Boston University. When making this decision, students should consider the totality. Applying as an International Student to our New York City Campus. Like New York City, NYU's New York campus is home to people from all over the world. In fact, our student body is comprised of students from more than 130 countries! No matter where they apply from, every NYU applicant is held to the same admissions standards, and generally follows the same application steps. However, there. Stanford has a current enrollment of around 16,424 students segregated into 6,994 undergraduates and 9,390 graduates along with 2,276 faculty members and 2,400 postdoctoral scholars. Stanford currently comprises of seven schools and 18 interdisciplinary institutes. Stanford is an international institution, enrolling students from all 48.

Stanford admissions is extremely selective with an acceptance rate of 4%. Students that get into Stanford have an average SAT score between 1440-1570 or an average ACT score of 32-35. The regular admissions application deadline for Stanford is January 2. Interested students can apply for early action, and the Stanford early action deadline is November 1 International students who are non-native English speakers are typically required to provide evidence of their English abilities before they are admitted into a US college or university. «IELTS» provides a fair, accurate and reliable measure of language skills, and is trusted by organizations worldwide as a proof of English proficiency

Here are some of the ways you can go about getting a soccer scholarship in America as an international student. 1. Rely On Your Soccer Coach to Get You a Scholarship. Your coach cares about you, knows how talented you are, and wants the best opportunities for you. We don't doubt this. But relying on your coach to land you a soccer scholarship (especially one in the USA) is a TERRIBLE idea. We understand that it's difficult for international students to apply to schools in the U.S., but almost one-quarter of MIT's applications are from international students all over the globe and we're very comfortable evaluating your application in context. A committee of experienced MIT admissions officers will review your application in detail. We're very familiar with international. All of our doctoral programs are designed to develop outstanding educational researchers who have a deep understanding of the scientific, practical and policy issues they study. All require full-time study, and we promise five years of full-time financial support for every student we admit. Our doctoral programs are small, typically ranging from about 25 to 35 new students a year

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We will go deeper into this later on. You should know that there are very, very affordable universities in Canada even for international students. Although they are not tuition-free universities, they are close. Check out Affordable Universities in Canada for International Students if you want more info! How to Study in Canada for Free 1. Study hard and put together your application early. A. We help students gain first-hand insights into universities and degrees: University websites and prospectuses can often be overly polished and inauthentic. On DegreeKey, you'll find: Curated recommendations of things to read, watch and listen to improve your subject expertise. Insights into life at the world's most popular universities Stanford accepts a small number of undergraduate transfer students each year. Requirements for admission are described as part of the undergraduate application process and are listed on the Undergraduate Admission web site. Stanford University has a designated adviser who coordinates support for transfer students To get into Harvard, Oxford or Stanford, SA teens must do these two things. A global organisation, co-founded by a South African, has launched locally to help high-school learners get in to top universities abroad. These universities require excellent academic records, entrance exams, essay-writing and a strong extracurricular trackrecord

AN EXCELLENT STUDENT FROM UTTAR PRADESH. Son of an engineer and a college-educated mother who stayed home to raise him and his sister, Misra grew up in Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India. He was an excellent student at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School in Lucknow, which has been ranked among the top ten schools in the country. When he graduated from Jaipuria, Misra went on to the Indian. A lot of people told me, 'You still want to get into Stanford, but, look, the entry rate for it is just 4 percent — just forget it,' she said. After a year of strenuous study, she said. Almost 9,000 international students call ASU home, making us a top 10 university in the U.S. for hosting students from other countries. #1 in the U.S. for innovation, ahead of Stanford and MIT For the sixth year in a row, ASU has been ranked the most innovative university in the U.S. and a top world university based on our programs, groundbreaking initiatives, partnerships and research Stanford's Chemistry program is ranked #2 by US News, as is Harvard's program. The average GRE scores at Harvard for accepted Chemistry PhD students is 165 for Quant and 162 for Verbal. Average the three scores together, add two points to each to make sure you're safely in the acceptable zone, and you'll have your GRE goal scores, which in this case are about 168 for Quant and. Guidance for international students. Deciding to study at a world-class university is one decision, but deciding to study abroad is another big step. Today, one third of our students, including 21% of undergraduates, are international citizens and come from over 150 countries. In this section we look at aspects of student life at Oxford and our.

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Applicants and prospective students are strongly encouraged to visit the law school and Stanford campus. Stanford Law School. Crown Quadrangle. 559 Nathan Abbott Way. Stanford, CA 94305. get maps, directions and more. Book a Campus Tour — Stanford University. Visitors can enjoy free campus walking tours While the Stanford GSB community does include students who have pursued incomparable opportunities, most Stanford MBA students have excelled by doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. What you make of an experience matters to us, not simply the experience itself. How can you prepare for your interview? Though no interview is 100% predictable, Stanford interviews do tend to center around. Indian applications to U.S. colleges have risen sharply in recent years, and competition for a place in an Ivy League school is fierce. Even if Trump presidency dissuades some, candidates will. Admissions. We want to make the international admissions process as smooth as possible for students applying to The University of Manchester from outside of the UK. The application procedure varies for undergraduate and postgraduate students, so we publish separate information for each

What Does It Really Take to Get Into Stanford

Email and Calendar. Current faculty, staff, and students receive a free @stanford.edu email account and access to a web-based Stanford calendar. Launch Webmail. Configure email Here are the topical issues and tips that might help juniors and younger students in high school prepare for UC Berkeley (Cal), Stanford's healthy archrival across the Bay Annual Prices. The annual list price to attend Stanford University on a full time basis for 2018/2019 is $74,570 for all students regardless of their residency. This fee is comprised of $52,857 for tuition, $16,433 room and board, $1,245 for books and supplies and $672 for other fees. Out of state tuition for Stanford University is $52,857, the. You also can't control how you fit into the university's efforts to enroll a diverse class of students. Other factors being equal, an applicant from Montana or Nepal is going to have an advantage over an applicant from New Jersey. Similarly, a strong student from an under-represented group will have an advantage over a student from a majority group. This may seem unfair, and it's certainly an. From the total number of international students, Indian students that graduate from Stanford has consistently maintained an average number around 500 each year. With around 2,240 faculty members against the aforementioned number of students studying in the university, Stanford is acknowledged to have a student to faculty ratio of 5:1

Masters Scholarship Program for Tunisian Student offered(Another) Day in the Life of a College Student | CollegeXpressAccepted Admissions Consulting Blog » College AdmissionsTitle-page photograph: Samuel H

Complete one quarter of overseas study through the Bing Overseas Studies Program or a pre-approved non-Stanford program. Additional Policies. At least one course must be a seminar or colloquium. At least one course must be designated by the IR Program as writing intensive (WiM) How to Get Into Vanderbilt Medical School Tip - Know the Curriculum: As a Vanderbilt med student, you only do pre-clinical work for the first year of medical school. Then, you do your core rotations starting September of your second year of medical school. After one year of clinical rotations, you can take your USMLE Step 1 As an international student, you won't be eligible for funding intended specifically for US nationals. However, as US universities prioritize internationalization, the number of international scholarships to study in the US has grown. There are also some US universities that offer need-blind admission to international students Students who have been given a Stanford ID number can enroll in courses through the Stanford Axess portal when course registration opens for Summer Session. Email notifications will be sent to students as we get closer to course registration opening with the exact date and time, and instructions on how to enroll For international students, this means taking the TOEFL. . Stanford TOEFL Requirements for Graduate Students. Stanford's GradAdmissions site states that scores are required of all applicants whose first language is not English. Like many other schools, there are exceptions to this rule. You do NOT need to take the TOEFL if: You earned a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree. Those students can also afford to take those tests multiple times, noted Daniel Golden, author of the 2006 book The Price of Admission: How America's Ruling Class Buys Its Way into Elite.

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