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reservieren your Hotel in Luxemburg online. Schnell und sicher online buchen. Besondere Unterkünfte Zum Kleinen Preis. Täglich Neue Angebote. 98% Kundenzufriedenheit Luxembourg RAIF sub funds allow for diversification, consisting in an umbrella fund with multiple compartments, each with a specific investment policy, cost structure and distribution policy. Luxembourg RAIF sub funds provide you with complete anonymity. Luxembourg RAIF sub funds are very visible and can be accessible to investors conveniently through their online banking. Luxembourg RAIF sub funds are public, which means they can be promoted as freely as a publicly traded stock Luxembourg Fund Structures. The formation process of a Luxembourg fund depends on its legal form. Whereas a Part II UCI with variable capital may only take the form of a public limited liability company (SA) or a common fund (FCP), a SIF, a SICAR, a RAIF or a Soparfi may be structured as: a public limited liability company (SA)

1. Choosing an appropriate fund vehicle and operating model. 2. UCI structures and specificities. 3. Authorization, supervision, restructuring and liquidation. 4. Investment rules. 5. Governance and liability. 6. Management of UCIs: management companies, AIFM and other Investment Fund Managers. 7. Risk management and valuation. 8. Administration. 9. Depositary. 10. Fund documentation and reportin structures. It focuses on the following aspects: Legal and regulatory requirements Shareholding Reporting requirements Approval and supervision Taxation The Luxembourg fund industry today Luxembourg has continued to develop its strong reputation as a centre of excellence for a large variety of investment funds. The legal and regulator Foreign investors in Luxembourg can set up their funds in the form of three legal structures with various characteristics when registering a vehicle as undertakings for collective investments. In this case, the investors may choose from the following types of investments funds in Luxembourg, as presented below The legal and regulatory framework is constantly being improved to offer the best tools for investment managers to structure their investments and to protect investors' interests. This edition includes all Luxembourg investment vehicles, AIMFD requirements, the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) and the new Limited Partnership (SCS) and Special Limited Partnership (SCSp)

LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg is only the size of Manhattan, but it is the biggest domicile for investment funds in Europe (including all related industries) and the second most preferred location for investment funds globally (after Manhattan). Luxembourg offers a full range of investment vehicles and its financial supervisory authority, the Commissio 1 Luxembourg investment funds 4 1.1. Introduction 5 1.2. Luxembourg's investment fund industry 6 1.3. Luxembourg's investment fund solutions 7 1.4. Organization of a UCI and its service providers 16 2 UCI structures and specificities 24 2.1. Introduction 25 2.2. Principal regulations 26 2.3. Types of structures of UCIs 27 2.4. Specific requirements by regime 3

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ALFI represents the face and voice of the Luxembourg asset management and investment fund community, championing mainstream, private assets and sustainable investments. Created in 1988, the Association today represents over 1,500 Luxembourg domiciled investment funds, asset management companies and a wide range of business that serve the sector • Previous onshore Luxembourg hedge fund structure (Luxembourg SIF) required CSSF approval/regulation • New Luxembourg RAIF is not regulated by CSSF • RAIF must appoint a European alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) • RAIF therefore under indirect supervision by CSS 8 Luxembourg fiduciary structures | 2020 As mentioned above, fiduciary notes or certificates can be issued which are subject to the Trust and Fiduciary Contracts Act 2003. Such fiduciary notes/certificates can be structured as transferable securities: - Possibility to set up a fiduciary note issuance programme

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  1. Luxembourg offers a range of structures to enable undertakings for collective investment (UCI), which are subject to different levels of regulation. The choice of structure is generally driven by the investment policy and the distribution strategy of the fund. alternative investment funds , which cover all other types of fund including hedge.
  2. Limited partnerships have long been the go to vehicle for closed-ended private fund structures. Luxembourg has recently launched two of them: the common limited partnership (SCS) and the special limited partnership (SCSp)
  3. at the level of June 2017, Luxembourg UCIs had 14,647 compartments; the total value of the sub-funds accounted for EUR 3.9 trillion;; when registering a UCI structure in this country, the investors can set up sub-funds for both investment funds and investment companies;; a UCI can be set up as a single compartment fund, also referred to as a stand-alone fund;; at the same time, the UCI can be.
  4. Luxembourg is the favourite domicile for Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS), the world's only truly global fund product, offering the highest possible levels of investor protection. Luxembourg's UCITS funds have become a strong global brand, but this strength stems from a smart decision in 1988
  5. Luxembourg is the globally leading fund centre in the world for cross-border funds, the second largest investment fund centre in the world after the United States and the largest fund domicile in Europe with currently more than EUR 4,7 trillion of assets under management

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The RAIF however has to appoint an AIFM (Alternative Investment Manager) in Luxembourg, which itself is regulated by the CSSF, but can therefore benefit from the AIFMD passport. Special Limited Partnership (SLP or SCSp) and Common Limited Partnership (CLP or SCS): are highly flexible fund structures that are not supervised Fund) structure, which became available in the summer of 2016, allows private equity and venture capital fund initiators to set up Luxembourg-domiciled funds that are not subject to regulatory approval by the Luxembourg supervisory authority, the Commission de surveillance du secteur financier, the CSSF). This option permit The principal legal structures used for investment managers and advisers in Luxembourg are the SA and the SARL, subject to the 1915 Law, the AIFM Law and/or the 2011 Law. 2.4 Are there any limits on the manager's ability to restrict redemptions in open-ended funds or transfers in open-ended or closed-ended funds The structure usually comprises several parallel funds which co-invest in the same assets, presenting managers the challenge of operating multiple cross jurisdictional vehicles whose investors will require equal treatment. Luxembourg is the most common destination to establish parallel funds to access European capital under AIFMD. These are.

Luxembourg parallel fund structures generating such strong interest from US and Asian fund sponsors at this time? It is all about creating a global offering: sponsors have to account for, and manage, the concerns of various types of investors in different jurisdictions. Using one or more parallel funds allows for each to be co-managed and target the same portfolio while meeting the different. Luxembourg Fund Structures Luxembourg is Europe’s most important cross-border investment funds domicile, both for mutual (UCITS) as well as for alternative investment funds (AIF). The Luxembourg investment funds model has traditionally been based structures Master-feeder structures enable strategies in view of pooling funds' assets and achieving economies of scales. The use of such structures in Luxembourg was always possible for Part II funds or SIFs, but was prohibited for UCITS funds. This changes with UCITS IV and the introduction of rules regarding master Luxembourg. Luxembourg offers a platform of services and structuring opportunities to the private equity industry. Products include competitive structures for setting-up private equity funds, such as the investment company in risk capital (SICAR) and the specialised investment fund (SIF). Luxembourg has thus emerged as a prime jurisdiction for.

Historically, the Luxembourg fund regulation has been structured - based on the model of the initial UCITS Directive - around the supervision of funds (product regulation). Over time, Luxembourg has developed a whole range of regulated investment funds, ie: Introduction All these funds are subject to the ongoing supervision of the CSSF. This range of Luxembourg funds has proven very. Investors who want to set up their business operations in Luxembourg can also open a fund here. There are several structures, available for different types of investment fields, as well as for different types of investors.A type of fund which can be opened in Luxembourg is the undertakings for collective investments (UCI).Our team of financial specialists can provide an in-depth presentation. Luxembourg's investment fund industry is a world leader in cross-border fund distribution, as Luxembourg-domiciled investment structures are distributed in over 70 countries around the globe, with a particular focus on Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Many Luxembourg funds benefit from the European passport, which means that funds (and their managers) that comply with the. Luxembourg LP Structures - A flexibility that is difficult to find elsewhere. 2 minute read 10 Mar 2021 . Related topics Private equity. Link copied Upvote. Show resources. Luxembourg's ecosystem for both, traditional and alternative funds remains hard to match. The Grand Duchy's toolbox and in particular its limited partnership regime are particularly attractive for private equity funds.

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Luxembourg offers a variety of attractive fund structures for sharia-compliant investment vehicles. The majority of funds domiciled in Luxembourg are UCITS funds, which are allowed to market their shares freely in all EU Member States and are accepted in many non-European countries. This is especially the case in Asia, Latin America and increasingly in the Middle East. This makes Luxembourg. Luxembourg offers funds a choice of both regulated and non-regulated structures. If fund promoters would like to establish a regulated Fund in Luxembourg two different options are available, each addressing specific needs: 1. Undertaking for Collective Investment (UCI) which itself distinguishes between: UCIs whose securities are distributed to the public and whose securities are.

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Luxembourg Products include competitive structures for setting-up private equity funds, such as the investment company in risk capital (SICAR) and the specialised investment fund (SIF). With the implementation of a dedicated private equity investment vehicle, the SICAR in 2004, Luxembourg confirmed its commitment to the private equity industries Luxembourg: Alternative Investment Funds Laws and Regulations 2020. ICLG - Alternative Investment Funds Laws and Regulations - Luxembourg covers common issues - including regulatory frameworks, fund structures and marketing - in 20 jurisdictions Other investment structures allow the holding of an art portfolio in a holding vehicle and making art lending possible. Why Luxembourg? Luxembourg is the premier wealth management centre in the Eurozone and the second largest investment fund centre in the world with currently more than EUR 5 trillion of assets under management. Over the years it has become a center of excellence for the.

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  1. The use of Irish and Luxembourg structures has continued unabated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This chapter addresses, on a comparative basis, a number of key legal and practice issues that should be considered when an Irish or Luxembourg fund is a borrower (or other obligor) in a fund finance structure. Although Ireland and Luxembourg.
  2. 12 December 2017. Luxembourg for alternatives: Structures, regulation and trends explored. Hana Prochaska, Associate Director. What is it about Luxembourg that makes it attractive for establishing Private Equity (PE) funds, from a legal, tax and regulatory perspective? Without question, Luxembourg's position as the largest European fund.
  3. Luxembourg Fund Structures; Tapping into China's Entrepreneurship; Related Posts. Luxembourg Fund Structures; Family Offices in Luxembourg; Securitization in Luxembourg; Stay Connected. Hoogewerf & Co., 9 rue Louvigny, PO Box 878, L-2018 Luxembourg Tel: (+352) 46 00 25 / Fax: (+352) 46 00 27 / Email: [email protected] | Cookies Policy.
  4. Introduced as an upgrade to Luxembourg's funds offering in July 2016, RAIFs provide a faster and more flexible alternative to Luxembourg's Specialised Investment Fund (SIF) and Investment Companies in Risk Capital (SICAR) structures. Unsurprisingly, the RAIF product has proven to be a popular choice and now represents over 50 per cent of all Luxembourg PE funds. As at June 2020, there were.
  5. e the main legal and regulatory requirements and aspects for setting up and launching fund structures in Luxembourg benefiting from the above listed labels as well as the structuring options which may be envisaged with the RAIF. The in-depth training will also highlight the interactions between the labels and the alternative investment fund managers directive (AIFMD). Content.

Luxembourg's tax and legal framework is flexible and so fullfils a wide range of needs for investors in terms of regulated and non-regulated Real Estate Fund Structures . Real Estate Vehicles. Institutional, professional and private investors interested in creating an international real estate portfolio will find a range of sophisticated investment vehicles in Luxembourg to meet their specific. Luxembourg Specialised Investment Fund (SIF) SIFs are regulated and tax efficient multipurpose alternative investment fund vehicles dedicated to all types of investments including plain vanilla, alternative, real estate and private equity investment strategies as well as innovative strategies in infrastructure, renewable energy, collectible assets, etc A fund vehicle established as a Lux LP will be considered as fiscally transparent for Luxembourg tax purposes and will not be subject to Luxembourg corporate income tax and net wealth tax in its own name. Given this transparency, the taxation will be assessed at the level of the limited partners in their domicile and Luxembourg withholding tax would not normally be levied on the distributions. Luxembourg has made strides over the last six or seven years to create a funds environment that is equally as appealing to PE/RE and VC fund managers who want less regulated fund structures, for speed to market purposes, as it is to traditional asset managers for regulated funds; be they SIFs or UCITS

Financing Luxembourg entities Typical Structures: Hybrid instruments Debt qualification in Luxembourg Tested Hybrid Instruments (treated as debt for Luxembourg tax purposes) : Foreign Entity Hybrid instrument Interest / dividend LuxCo • Profit Participating Loan (PPL) / Asset linked note (ALN) Used to repatriate income to an investment fund (real estate investment fund, private. Hybrid Structured Credit Funds: Securitisation moves into new paradigm In Luxembourg investors are now offered fund structures for alternative investments that can profit from flexibility, a favourable tax regime and less stringent regulatory supervision due to the nature of the qualified investor base to which these funds are targeted: the specialised investment fund (SIF) Linklaters Luxembourg's investment funds practice is a cornerstone of the Luxembourg office and a key part of the firm's global offering. Advising on asset management, fund servicing and investment fund structuring for all asset classes and investment types, our diverse team is widely recognised among leading industry players for its extensive expertise in UCITS, alternative investment. The Bill will create a new type of Luxembourg fund: the reserved alternative investment fund (fonds d'investissement alternatif réservé, RAIF). The RAIF will be reserved for the structuring of funds that appoint a duly authorised AIFM, irrespective of whether such AIFM is established in Luxembourg or in any other EU Member State. The RAIF will be subject to a regime similar to that. FCP: common fund, which one of the structures used to create an investment fund in Luxembourg; SICAV: investment company with variable capital and SICAF: investment company with fixed capital - the corporate forms for opening investment funds. The decision to set up a UCI in its basic form as a FCP or as a SICAV can depend on the tax regulations for the chosen business structure and other.

Luxembourg offers multiple fund structures with the flexibility of opting for supervision, lower requirements for diversification of assets and an option for passporting by appointing an AIFM. Luxembourg also has a diverse ecosystem of existing funds and service providers, which makes it easier to rent a compartment or make a sub-fund of an existing umbrella fund. This is usually used by. Luxembourg. UCITS stands for Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities. The concept originally derived from the European Directive 85/611/EC, replaced by European Directive 2009/65/EC dated 13 July 2009, which provides a single regulatory regime across the European Union for open-ended funds investing in transferable securities such as shares and bonds

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  1. 6. LUXEMBOURG FUND SERVICES IN FOCUS | Oct 2020. ALFI of asset classes a RAIF can invest in, and the availability of the marketing passport under the AIFMD. As of July 2020, there were close to.
  2. TOP 5 DESTINATIONS FOR FUNDS AND INVESTMENT STRUCTURES. Luxembourg (26%) Jersey (19%) UK (16.7%) Guernsey (11.7%) Cayman Islands (8.6%) More than a quarter (26%) of respondents to our survey, across both private equity and real estate, see Luxembourg as the most likely market for their next fund or investment structure, followed by Jersey (19%) and the UK (16.7%). What makes Luxembourg so.
  3. ar organized by the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI), Luxembourg for Finance and the Luxembourg Private Equity & Venture Capital Association explored Luxembourg's evolving role in financial markets and the private fund space. H.E.
  4. istrator for Mid Europa Partners' Funds. Gilles is a Director at Mid Europa Fund Management Luxembourg S.à r.l. Gilles provides oversight to the management of Luxembourg structures. Gilles has over 10 years experience in the trust sector in Luxembourg
  5. ar, the Private Equity Law Report interviewed.
  6. A specialized investment fund or SIF is a lightly regulated and tax-efficient regulatory regime in Luxembourg aimed for a broader range of eligible investors. This type of investment fund is governed by the Luxembourg law of 13 February 2007 replacing the law of 1991 defining the legal framework for institutional funds and enlarging the distribution scope to well-informed investors

UCITS, being the highly regulated investment fund structures, have been authorized by the Luxembourg authority to go ahead with these various channels and have considerably contributed to the development of the Chinese market by injecting foreign capital. The presence of the seven biggest Chinese banks in Luxembourg as the headquarter for Europe has also shown the role played by Luxembourg. Arendt & Medernach has 'an outstanding grip on the market and deep knowledge of investment funds and cross-border structures'.With 15 partners active in the space, as well as a raft of associates and counsel, the team has the economies of scale and expertise to provide a 'responsive and capable service' to clients establishing Luxembourg domiciled UCITS, as well as other Luxembourg-based fund. Parallel structures - the Luxembourg solution. By Anne-Gaëlle Delabye & Tara Kapur - Non-EU managers seeking access to European capital are more frequently looking to Luxembourg parallel structures due, in part, to their flexibility and the features that the Luxembourg limited partnerships share with the Anglo-Saxon model When you instruct RSM Luxembourg as your fund administrators, you will be protecting the interests of your investors. Through our bespoke fund administration services, we will independently verify the assets and the valuation of the fund. As part of RSM International's global network, which spans in excess of 800 offices across more than 120 countries around the world, we can support you. In 2017 Mid Europa Fund Management Limited with the support of Mid Europa Partners established a Luxembourg subsidiary, Mid Europa Fund Management Luxembourg S.á r.l. The Luxembourg office administers the Lux Holdco entities that exist in all portfolio company structures enhancing Mid Europa's substance in this jurisdiction by applying the same standards of corporate governance as its.

We invite you to join our Luxembourg team on our incredible journey. As Corporate Officer, you will have the opportunity to join a specialized team managing alternative investment funds and real estate companies. You will be responsible for preparing and co-ordinating the completion of legal documentation required by transactions and daily operations of investment fund structures. As a member. Independent liquidity and currency management of alternative investments funds and fund structures. What you offer: Ideally a successfully completed economics degree, CAIA or CFA certification, business administration ; At least five years' professional experience in the Luxembourg investment fund industry and / or credit institution or consulting firm, ideally related to Alternative. fund vehicles across all asset classes and investment strategies that can be established in Luxembourg. This overview will help you better understand the set-up and operating requirements of the structures available. It covers the following aspects: legal and regulatory requirements shareholding reporting requirements approval and supervision. Jevgeniy assists clients in diverse fund-related transactions, provides general investment fund and regulatory law advice and routinely advises in particular on aspects relating to Luxembourg unregulated fund structures (e.g. partnerships, RAIFs), regulated fund structures (e.g. SIF, SICAR, Part II funds) and regulated or registered fund.

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Fundset is the perfect partner for every fund project that need to be implemented in a strategic and effective way. Ask more details. Call Us +352-691500233. info@fundset.lu. Home; About Us. Who we are ; Case Studies; Services. Fund Structuring; Project Management; Service Providers Brokerage; Directorship; Secretary - Oversight; Distribution Solutions; Sustainable Finance; Contacts; Blog. Luxembourg continues to strengthen its ranking as the world's second-largest fund domicile after the United States: the assets under management of Luxembourg-domiciled funds stands at almost of EUR 4.7 trillion as at September 2020. This increase is not only based on the growth of traditional Luxembourg-domiciled undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) funds. TMF Luxembourg works with structures across the full investment spectrum, from PERE funds to trade financing, debt and fund-of-fund structures. We provide a complete and independent service to fund managers. Contact us to find out how we can help with the setup of your Luxembourg fund. Discover how our services help our clients and partners to reach their full investment potential. Categories.

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Hines Luxembourg Investment Management S.à r.l. is authorized by the Luxembourg financial regulator as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager, to provide investment management services to qualifying Alternative Investment Funds in Luxembourg and other European countries. Hines currently has 19 investment structures managed through Luxembourg, with a combined GAV in excess of €5bn. Hines. Luxembourg fund structures: : a very modern toolbox @inproceedings{Hofmann2016LuxembourgFS, title={Luxembourg fund structures: : a very modern toolbox}, author={C. Hofmann and Claude Niedner and Gilles Dusemon}, year={2016} } C. Hofmann, Claude Niedner, Gilles Dusemon; Published 2016; Business ; The article offers information on the Luxembourg laws regarding investment funds and mentions how.

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Luxembourg law also offers numerous opportunities for the creation of regulated and unregulated securitisation vehicles (SV) and securitisation funds. These vehicles benefit from a neutral tax regime (no additional tax burden at the level of the SV; taxation occurs only at investor level) and can be used for the securitisation of any type of risk or asset, opening up a large field of. Luxembourg continues to strengthen its ranking as the world's second-largest fund domicile after the United States: the assets under management (AuM) of Luxembourg-domiciled funds stand at almost €4.7 trillion as at September 2020. 1 This increase is not only based on the growth of traditional Luxembourg-domiciled undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS. Our Luxembourg office works with corporates and the investment funds community to deliver a range of tailored services. Experienced in the Luxembourg marketplace and its fund management and professional services industries, our professional teams are well-placed to provide governance and substance solutions to a wide range of fund structures and strategies

Luxembourg is known for its rapid development and ability to hold the competitive edge in the fund industry. In this article, we talk about Luxembourg and what makes it the leading investment fund centre in Europe. The fund industry in Luxembourg was born with the introduction, in the mid-1980s, of the so called Undertakings for the Collective. Foreign investors who want to open a hedge fund in Luxembourg should know that they can choose from three legal structures: Specialized Investment Fund (SIF) structure - under the SIF law, Undertaking for Collective Investment (UCI) structure - under the Part II of the 2010 law and Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS) structure - under the Part I of.

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The purpose of this position is to carry out routine day-to-day administration of fund structures under the direction of a Client Relationship Manager. Key responsibilities: Provide assistance to clients in the implementation and administration of Luxembourg holding companies and Fund structures and liaise with clients and intermediaries on a daily basis; Assist with all aspects of company. For many years, the Luxembourg authorities have worked hard to attract funds and fund managers to base themselves there - most notably by the creation of corporate and partnership structures which are suitable as fund structures or intermediate holding vehicles, and through tax reforms which, when combined with Luxembourg's enviable array of double tax treaties, mitigate double taxation EU Interest Limitation: Impact on Investment and Fund Structures | Part One. The new EU interest limitation rules will significantly impact the tax position of asset holding companies and downstream investment structures in the EU for international investment funds. In this two-part panel session, experts from our Irish and Luxembourg Tax teams. Luxembourg Fund Services handles local administrative, corporate and compliance issues so that our clients can focus on meeting their global strategic objectives. Our internationally focused teams combine cross-border transaction experience with local accounting knowledge to assist our clients in implementing complex international management and investment structures while servicing their. In addition to the regulated structures, Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) and Luxembourg Limited Partnerships (LuxLPs) continue to enjoy a great increase and proved to be popular products for investment. RAIFs double their total net assets to reach US$122.2bn with 1,048 sub-funds while LuxLPs reached US$167.8bn with 1,303 sub-funds. With this increase of popularity, RAIFs are now of. Two fund structures that asset managers may want their administrators to support are Ireland's Icav and Luxembourg's Raif, which each country has developed to support the liquid alternatives surge. Nicholas Pratt explains. Fund administrators aren't the only ones tweaking their technical ability to cater for liquid alternatives - so too are fund jurisdictions. There have been.

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