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18 points · 2 years ago. I used to love JulieG713 back in the day. Haven't watched her in several years. Honestly don't have a clue where she is now but I'm sure she has a range of nail polishes in stores or something. level 2. Fukyaakari. 1 point · 2 years ago FAQ's: Q: I can't find the form- Where is it? A: Hang tight. Anastasia will post it in their next news feed. Q: Is that really how you pronounce Anastasia? A: Yes, I confirmed the pronunciation with their PR Dept. Q: Is the sweepstakes open to anyone under the age of 18? A: You must be 18+ to enter Q: Will both The Brow Kit AND The Illumin8 Palette be given away to each winner? A: No, Either.

Julie Gutierrez's YouTube Channel can be found by visiting youtube.com and searching for julieg713. Support your local Albuquerque Journal & Adrian Gomez SUBSCRIBE NOW cancel anytim When I did my Top 10 Polishes of 2011 post I surprised myself when it included a polish from Jesse's Girl. That's just not a brand that was really on my radar. But when I found out JulieG713, one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, was doing her own collection with Jesse's Girl I wanted to try one of her polishes.I ended up LOVING Party Dress

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  1. julieg713 nail polish collection Julie G is one of my favorite Youtube gurus. When she announce she was going to come out with her own nail polish collection with Jessie's Girl, i knew i was going to have to run to my local Rite Aid and check the collection out for myself
  2. I never thought Dulce needed a nose job - I know that JulieG713 had a nose job this year as well, but I always thought her nose was pretty horrible. Top starblin
  3. Hey! I'm cosmeticscrazy13, and i am 15 years old. I live in the south(USA). My real name is Brook. I have a little sis named Mary. I love mac and spell. My favorite reality show is America's Next Top Model. My fave color is lime green. I love youtube! I love watching allthatglitters21, juicystar07, thebubblegumprincess, julieg713, and egheatsss
  4. Ladidahhhhh. 42 points · 1 year ago. Advertising Age has a report on the launch of her brand and cites a company - an ad agency - named Anomaly as her partner. It reports that the agency approached her about launching the line: https://adage.com/article/news/anomaly-shepherds-lauren-luke-s-cosmetics-line-market/135427
  5. The Cut Crease: This is for the advanced makeup enthusiast. The Cut Crease is a technique in which the crease is cut sharply with a contrasting eye shadow color to give it that really dramatic defined crease. There is usually always dramatic sharp liner to go with it, and the makeup is very angular. 3
  6. All Eyes On: Julieg713. 2; Member Spotlight. All Eyes On: Holly Ann-AeRee. 28; Member Spotlight. All Eyes On: Christine of xteeener.

Die neuesten Tweets von @halohoo 19-jul-2014 - Love Thing: Julieg713 Inspired Naked2 Eyes. 19-jul-2014 - Love Thing: Julieg713 Inspired Naked2 Eyes. 19-jul-2014 - Love Thing: Julieg713 Inspired Naked2 Eyes. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Log in. Sign up. Explore. Beauty. Makeup. YouTube: julieg713. Jersey Shore- Who doesn't want to fist pump the night away? I sure do after watching back to back episodes of Jersey Shore sometimes on a daily basis. It's my guilty pleasure for the past month. The new show on MTV (which has already aired their season finale) has become a overnight sensation. Snooki, The Situation, and DJ Pauly have all become part of America's vocabulary. It's an addiction that cannot be cured. With the show's countless fights, AKA Snooki. Jesse's Girl Flavor Kissed Lip Gloss(retail: $2.99 each) Flavor Kissed Lip Glosses will be replacing the old Lip Juices (again, if you have some favorite Lip Juices, grab 'em while you can). Flavor Kissed Lip Glosses will come in six shades and the packaging is a little larger and flatter than the Lip Juices. I think they look really sleek and. Quick links. YouTube Video

It was love at first swatch when I saw JulieG713's video where she revealed this little gem. It was of course sold out in my MAC store and online but they still had it at Nordstrom! I snatched it up and then checked back later to see if they had any left and they did not. I just happened to get lucky. So I have both items now and I really am enjoying them both. MAC Reel Sexy Lipstick: If you. I can't remember exactly how I first got into self-teaching and the makeup tutorial scene -- I'm talking OG beauty gurus like panacea81, julieg713, michellephan, queenofblendingMUA, petrilude, nikkietutorials, etc. -- on YouTube, but I wanted in on this diverse beauty world the moment I discovered its existence What apparently was happening was that no matter how well I washed my face, traces of the oil remained on my lashes, allowing even my waterproof mascara to smudge since the oils weren't letting it adhere to the lash. Since I changed to a completely oil-free makeup remover, I haven't had the issues with smudging. A pretty simple fix that might work for others as well

I also was introduced to a new polish line, well kinda. I'd seen reviews on the brand by one of the YouTube beauty gurus julieg713 (she's awesome; love her vids) but i didn't know it was sold in my local CVS. I picked up one of their shades, seen below: Essie Nail Color in Eternal Optimist Anyway, here are xparkage, QueenofBlending, JulieG713 and Pursebuzz answering the audience's questions about how they started the channel, what their youtube names mean, how youtube changes their lives, how they deal with haters and advices for newbies who want to start their own channels. It was a lot of fun. The gurus were really friendly and spoke from the heart, with funny stories to. This poor ol' blog of mine has been neglected and while it's all for a good cause (work and life and stuffs), I miss it. So I'm succumbing to the Weekender Blog Post as it's easy, fun, and lets me relive my weekends

MAC Cosmetics All Races: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. See 4 member reviews and photos If you missed the announcement post, I am talking about IMATS LA, happening this weekend. Not any less excited than I was when I wrote that post, now I am getting more anxious looking at the floor plan and class schedule. So many brands are going to be there, so many classes offered, and so many youtubers to meet in person. And they said this is the biggest IMATS in history. I'm so blessed. On YouTube her name is JulieG713, you really should go check her out!!! She paired with the affordable nail polish brand Jesses Girl and made a couple nail polish colors herself, which are being sold at right aid. In her collection she has 8 colors and they all are different and I personally feel she did a good job to suit everyones needs. The two colors I decided to pick up were, All.

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john and joyce August 29, 2012 at 6:54 PM. I just got into watching and following Youtube Beauty Gurus. My favorites are thatsheart, itsjudytime, frmheadtotoe, emilynoel83, dulcecandy87, xteener, eleventhgorgous and hollyannaree It will happen.it will happen. I just need to stop thinking about it and go a head and Bust a Move Here's a great tutorial using Naked 2 from JulieG713 and another from AndreasChoice. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Radience. Now, I have to be honest I have never used a primer on my face before doing my makeup so I really don't know if this will make my final results any. Most Subscribed Beauty YouTubers 2013 - 2019 Timeline history of the most subscribed beauty youtubers from the years 2013 - 2019. You will see the rise and f.. What happened to Michelle Phan? Way before the likes of James Charles and Emma Chamberlain came on the scene, Michelle Phan was posting makeup videos that many described as creating art without the stakes or rewards of sponsorships and hashtag-ads. Article continues below advertisement. Many found her videos soothing in addition to instructional — The Cut writes that anyone who's ever. I always feel optimistic about Mondays, even when I wake up a little disoriented like today. Hang in there! I'll keep chugging along if you do. Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict, Karen. Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Mar. 30 / Originally published March 30th, 2009. There are 57 comments on this post

Gutierrez, whose YouTube channel julieg713 has over 300,000 subscribers, will launch the new line, called JulieG, at US pharmacy chain Rite Aid in April. The range came about after the vlogger's. Julie G:: {Formerly JulieG713} The girl that started it all for me as far as learning from tutoirals on YouTube. She inspired me to even make a few videos for the first time and post them in response to some of her videos or just on my own as a tutorial! Such an adorable girl with a great personality! You will love, love, LOVE watching her videos! She also has her own nail polish line with. And here's a look I randomly did this morning based on a sunset wallpaper I have and a video by julieg713 I saw the other day. Forgive the bad pictures my camera sucks and bleached out the colors they're actually darker than what's showing up; in person you can see the red, purple, orange and yellow better. The mascara I'm wearing is Maybelline Lash Stiletto in very black and the eyeliner I. Julieg713 for clothes and xsparkage for makeup :) Q11.Who is someone you have watched from the beginning Julieg713!!!! hahaha palm tree nail tutorial was the first video :) Q12. Who do you relate to/is most similar to you. I'm a much toned down version of MeghanRosette. Q13.Who has the prettiest smile? Juicystar07 or xsparkage. Q14.Who has the prettiest room? I liked the Fowler sister's old.

What matters in life and what creates ambition, drive, and making better choices. I hope to share and reflect on what you can achieve when you feel good about your outer appearance and how that opens you to share your inner beauty more. We all can tap into the beauty that lives inside She's definitely too mature to be representing that young age range. Ingrid or one of the other younger ones would have been more appropriate for that. I guess Em's aim is just t

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I was catching up my blog and videos today when I happened to notice that I have one dislike on a video viewed by 9 people. I was like Wow, a like/dislike that's not my mom's (lol)!! Then it hit me that that will show up as 100% dislike when people see my video :( I got upset for a minute, but then I got over it. I know it's not the greatest video, but I still like it and that's what matters. If you don't know JulieG713, she's one of the better known YouTube makeup gurus. She was one of the trailblazers to the whole phenomenon actually. She's a celebrity makeup artist too! But I only learned that after watching her for like two years, which made me like her even more because she is so humble and sweet! She's a total class act all around and so so talented. So the brand Jessie's. julieg713 (video form) She has great dramatc look for people who are planning to go out to some where special. ilikeweylie (video form) She wondeful looks that you can wear out every day. LooksByLauren (video form) Simple looks that you can wear out every day. Simple looks with some MAC. angeec03 (video form Fashion's Night Out 2012. 1:38 PM. I had a great time during Fashion's Night Out in New York with my girls who are also on YouTube. Lee Lee aka Mamichula8153, Melissa aka oxPRETTYSPiFFYxo and Nathalie aka NatyMidnight and let's not forget my friend Waise in the back which technically he was considered one of the girls for the night

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You know Christmas is upon us when you see gorgeous items like this pop up in promotional images and eventually, at counters. Tell me your heart didn't stop a beat, when you spotted that beautiful gold on black lid. In terms of packaging, my eye was set on the Guerlain Perles du Dragon Meteorites the moment I knew of its existence 5.) Lustre - This finish is basically similar to a glaze finish lipstick. The only difference is that lustre finish lipsticks come in more colors and they a slightly more opaque in color. Lustre finish lipsticks make your lips look soft, smooth, and ultra moist. Ex- MAC Plumful - Lustre finish - Blossoming Rose-Plum Jesse's Girl Cosmetics is proud to announce the newest addition to their line of nail enamels, the JulieG Collection. This line of 27 high intensity nail colors was designed and inspired by top beauty vlogger Julie Gutierrez (JulieG713 on YouTube). With a variety of shades, from girly pinks to electric blues, there's something for everyone. Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Hello girls, today I wanted to do a short review about the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in 'Eternal Gold', a beautiful yellow-gold color. I bought this color on an evening marker at the end of June. It was only €5, which is very cheap for maybelline products in Belgium Julieg713 is a nail art expert. Check out her nail art tutorials on WonderHowTo (Search Julieg713). Her nail art looks are fun & pretty, not to mention well demonstrated. This nail polish video demonstrate how to create a red hot lips nail polish design. Watch this video to lemore. How To : Apply nail polish neatly and make it last. Nail polish is such a fun and quick way to display your.

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  1. There are always new developments happening in your industry, and in order to keep up, you may have to relearn what you're currently doing in a new way. 8. REDIRECT: Change your direction or focus. If something comes along that is less than desirable, don't lose focus. We all have life events that throw us off course at times, but if you map out a plan and redirect, you can always find.
  2. Whenever I'm getting ready to go out I'm usually in a rush so I hardly take the time to do my makeup well. & then there are those days when I'm staying in & decide to test out some of my makeup & end up with something I love. Yesterday was one of those days. Skipping... Read More ». Thursday, November 3, 2011
  3. No, that's never happened to me perhaps you aren't quite done going. Or maybe you didn't wipe as thoroughly as you needed to. I think your best is to speak to your doctor about this. Good luck. Yes, it's normal and it's called leukorrhea. It's white and it's just due to the hormonal changes that are going through your body. Yes. Happens to me more and more with each week as I get bigger. I.
  4. I have been on a fierce hunt for some great heat-protecting products for when I decided to straighten my hair. It is perfect for all you natural beauties out there. See below for product details. This set contains: - 2.25 oz Hold & Control Smoother. - 4 oz Heat Setting Foam. - 2 oz Heat Protection Serum
  5. g to watch the tutorials of a certified professional. We can't help but wonder Oh, but he/she is a professional makeup
  6. How did this happen? Oh yeah, I hit 13. Alright!! I'm sorry I lied, I do have like, 1/849301856372984 of a spill, seeing as I know somewhere (very deep) that of course I'm pretty! Random people have been telling me that all my life. For some reason though, I just can't convince myself of it. I'm pretty sure I solved the reason for my self consciousness. It's my hair!! I got it cut super short.

I Love Drugstore Makeup Tag! Favorite Revlon ProductsSo, this tag is one that's currently circulating on youtube. Since I am addicted to youtube, I've seen many people do this tag and it's interesting to hear from each person what their drugstore favorites and un-favorites are. So, without further ado, I will continue on with m Anyway, here are xparkage, QueenofBlending, JulieG713 and Pursebuzz answering the audience's questions about how they started the channel, what their youtube names mean, how youtube changes their lives, how they deal with haters and advices for newbies who want to start their own channels. It was a lot of fun. The gurus were really friendly and spoke from the heart, with funny stories to tell.

One night when the children were all sung in their beds, I decided to give the newsletter a go. I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed Encouraging Moments...A LOT Tag Wednesday: The four or more tag! What a day it has been. I went out on the deck to have my morning tea and relax, and I find my cat Dexter trying to break into a birdhouse that is housing a family of baby birds. Fact about me: I am terrified of birds, and avoid them as much as I can My husband says we'll make it happen. <3. Bonus Jonas: Royal Wedding Nails (click link above to see video). I am yet to find a really good YouTube Kate Middleton RW makeup look (there are lots on there, but not one I absolutely love) so if you know of a really good, high quality one, let me know in the comment section...but Julie (JulieG713) always has amazing hair and makeup tutorials, so. When I ran my fingernail across it, nothing happenednot a dent or scratch. I highly recommend this product; it's effective, inexpensive ($3.49 for 8.5 oz) and easy to get a hold of. I purchased mine at a retail Sally Beauty supply shop, but the product can also be ordered on the Sally Beauty website. Method 3 | Hairspray: For this method I used Dove hairsprayI must note that the.

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Sadly, it didn't happen and I wiped it off from my lips at the end of day. Yes gals, I don't have issues with its long lasting and very creamy and hydrating nature except the finish. with meals, this lip color stays for 6-8 hours leaving a stubborn stain behind with subtle shining at last. (makeupandbeauty.com) The last two times I went to the IMATS, I got some great deals, however. · cosplay makeup tutorial : mike morton skin ms.swifts - game identity v; cosplay for beginners is a participant in the amazon associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. we also participate in affiliate programs with other sites

See what miranda dolphin (mirandadolphin) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas And then it happened, somewhere in the mid-90's. The 1st turntables (Technics SL D3's) accompanied by a borrowed mixer.Starting with industrial techno and old phunk, experiments were the order of the day. It didn't take long before Joe was spinning tunes at neighbourhood parties, setting the roof on fire. Throughout the years, Joe started varying the styles, shifting towards more. There's a lovely tutorial video up by julieg713. For the look on the left use dark liner, a nice mossy green and for the illusion of scales use a piece of fishnet (hose or otherwise,) hold it tightly to your skin and use a shimmer foundation to paint over it, making sure not to move the net. When it dries you should be left with some scales. For the look on the right use lots of shimmer, try. Don't just take the safe and easy choices because you're afraid of what might happen. Don't have any regrets and know that everything happens for a reason. De beste bordspellen vind je bij 999 Games Zoek je mobiel op gsmweb Mailbird - E-mail made beautifu 29 déc. 2018 - Découvrez le tableau beauté de Angélique de Oliveira-Coën sur Pinterest. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème beauté, maquillage ongles, bout des ongles


19-jul-2014 - Love Thing: Julieg713 Inspired Naked2 Eye Pacs fleeing drug tests faster than OJ from a double murder is the worst thing to happen to boxing in modern history, and the worst thing to the honor of filipinos. He disgraced the sport and his nation and continues to do so with the pathetic match up with clottey.|||What he does out of the ring is of little concern to a true fan of his boxing skill.Questions like these are asked way to often.

Manchester Arena Attack Survivor Breaks Down RecallingBreakin&#39; 2: Electric Boogaloo (9/9) Movie CLIP - DancingWhat Happened to Floki on ‘Vikings’? Did the CharacterAun si se descifraban los códigos japoneses, Pearl HarborJillian Mele Photos Photos - Chiara Boni La Petite RobeEverything you need to know about what happened in9/11 Pentagon Attack - As It Happened - YouTubeAfternoon shadows shed new light on iconic &#39;VJ Day Kiss
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